The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 5 March 1990

Buses Unpassing


‘Shine’ – Junior Mansion Slags


I dreamt about beating up Nigel Cameron.  It was great.



‘Moments In Soul’ – JT and the Big Family

When I got to Tech, I sat with Fergie and I was really glad to see her.

Afterwards, Jonny + I went to his for beans on toast, then into town for a record he wanted: ‘MOMENTS IN SOUL’, which is excellent.

Back at Tech, I sat and spoke for ages with Fergie, Sandra and Shelley; giving Sandra all the Cheggers school scandal (calling him YAMO, etc.).  I’ve even got to do Sandra + Fergie a compilation of the Stan/Cheggers/Winterfood Wetlands School recordings done by/for The Situation.

Mickey came in for five minutes with his best mate, Jason.  Fergie later revealed to me that this Jason had recently asked her to leave Mickey and go out with him.  His best mate!

In the afternoon, I chatted with Mike Cummings who had been telling Fergie – half-secretly – to finish with Mickey and go out with me as it was ‘time for a change’.  Mike also told me that Charlotte Kneale (who goes out with him) said I was ‘a brilliant actor’.  COR!

I told Sandra my feelings for Fergie, but later, Jonny was told by Fergie that she couldn’t finish with Mickey yet as she’d get jealous if she saw him with another girl.  Weird, but fair enough. 

Oh, Chloe Attenborough said hello to me today, she can’t be avoiding me.

In the afternoon, I applied for the Saturday Asst. job at King’s Lynn Library

‘Dub Be Good To Me’ – Beats International

Also today, I went to the Finance Officer and they’re giving me just a little longer before going ahead with court proceedings. 

And then I met up with Fergie again.  Alone on the steps.  And it was a bit… empty.  I think this was because I’m going away and we won’t see each other for a week, and because of this we didn’t really know what to say to each other.  Things have been sunny and happy the last few weeks and now it all seems a bit sad and gloomy.  She walked me to my bus, and I wanted to give her a hug.  Even if it is only a week.  I’ll miss her.  At least Sandra says Fergie’s crazy about me and all things are looking very positively in my direction. 

Luckily, when I got home, a letter from Cambs. County Council with a grant form, so I should be okay from now.


‘The Tree Lords’ – Stephen Oliver

I just watched an enjoyable programme about WEST YORKSHIRE PLAYHOUSE and Wild Oats seems to be coming on really well.

Fergie rang me tonight to say her goodbyes, which I felt flattered about.  Of course, we were talking for ages and I finally told her how I feel about her when we’re together.  She says she has similar feelings and is beginning to feel she has more in common with me than with Mickey.  She says she listened to the music tape I did her and enjoyed it.  I’m sure one day we’ll do some singing and dancing together and talk at a much deeper level.  I wish she could come and stay over here with me.  One day soon, one day soon.  She says she will miss me, and I shall miss her.  Mary-Jane Ferguson and Ritcherd Winterfood.

‘If only our buses had passed; we could have waved goodbye to each other.’  FERGIE, 1990.

I could be with you, Mary-Jane.  I feel love for you.


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