The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 30 December 1989

1989: Looking Back

‘Flood I’ – Sisters of Mercy

The County Council are after me again for course fees – even though I don’t owe any – and they’re acknowledging no receipt of the letter I sent them.  Bastards.  Freddie has kindly said he’ll sort it out for me.

Gran Sugden’s had a stroke, which has come as a bit of a shock.  This Christmas has been full of it.

Christmas, eh?

Well, 1990’s closing in.  ‘89’s been a good ‘un, even till now: finishing a term with two Distinctions, two successful productions under my belt (Mansfield Park and Strawberry Girl), and what’s been described as an ‘incredibly brilliant’ University reference (not that I’ll be able to do much with it…). 

Then there’s all the stuff that came before: ‘God’ in the Fashion Show, stage managing + cuing Rocky Horror, narrating Under Milk Wood, and the two versions of my big break, The Chinese Play.

The friends of ’89 have been: Julian, Jonny, Spock, Rod Oliver, Ash, Legs, Daniel Abbott, Raquel, Flash, Stan, Donna Davidson, Joni, Minty from St Neots, Kat, and numerous others.

The ‘girls’ of ’89 have been: Emma, Maggie, Natalia, BM Wasp, Gemma Winchester, Lilith MacMillan, Amy Neat, Wendy Mackintosh

There were even famous people: Sylvester McCoy, Nina Myshkow, Kate O’Mara, and Stephen Fry.

It’s been my most successful year in terms of education and vocation; as a theatre creator.  It has been a revealing year on that score.  I’ve lived it to the full, I’m proud to say – and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The 1980s saw me learn about my world and grow within it.  I have loved those years.  I’m sure it’s the decade I shall feel closest to for a long, long time.  The prospect of the 1990s scares me but also has me hoping for further enlightenment.  I shall embrace them.

And, as we approach five years of Ritcherd Winterfood and Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon, I hope this coming weekend shall be one of our better ones.

I love you, World.

All my love,
Ritcherd xxx



‘PWEIsation’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

Well, Peterboro’ was dismal.  Reminded me of scarab beetles and a right load of shite.  Yeah.  Oh aye, and who should walk into the buffet?  Leon Brittan, MP.

Christ on a bike!  Whoooooo!  Cor!  My hero (I’m sure)!  Woogh!

1989: the year of silly hair!

But it’s all ending too soon.  Too fast.  It’s a worry.  I don’t know why.  It’s probably the terminal aspect of it all.  It’s a quarter to five.  I’ll be in Doncaster by 6.15pm, I should guess.  Then in Wakey by 7.15pm at the latest.  And if I get a bus, then Castleford at about, erm, 8.30pm?  What can go wrong?  What mysterious obstacles might oppose me on the way?  Who can tell?  Not I.  It can’t be as bad as 1987, though.  Can it?  Oh god, no!

Anyway, here’s a Merry Christmas to all our readers.

And a happy new year.


‘Street Tuff’ – The Rebel MC

I came to Flash’s, didn’t I?  And here we are at the end of 1989.  I have met his new dog, Bungle, who isn’t so much, well, horrible as just utterly fucking clumsy.  In fact, Bungle is a nice dog, just very, very irritating. 

Flash has been open and nice and less tetchy than he has been in recent encounters, which was an unexpected relief.  Very good, under the circumstances, as he and Raquel have been going through a ‘strange’ patch and he has decided he now needs his freedom from her.

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Next time: ‘New Year’s Eve 1989…’

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