The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 10 May 1989

'The Chinese Play' at KLCA II

At the Badcock Household.
Lately I’ve had two basic dreams:
a) too much body hair growing all over me
b) buying the Pet Shop Boys version of ‘Fever’
‘Flaming Desire’ – Bill Nelson

I got a nice letter from Emma this morning.  She seems to be pleased that I’m showing a renewed interest in her.  It seems she was very angry when we split up and at how we split up.  She felt I’d lied about the nice things I’d said to her, and didn’t feel special anymore.  She had felt that I didn’t care and that I was bored of her, which made her feel awful.  When she saw me at the President’s Ball, she thought I was getting off with Joni.  She thinks I can be a ‘pratt’ sometimes.  She’s glad we’re good friends again, though and she loves my company (‘even when you are a pratt’).
‘Straight Up’ – Paula Abdul

Today, Donna and I made up.  The argument was unjustified on both sides, but it cleared the air.  I think we go through this because the pressures are bigger than we’re used to and we just care about each other, really.  I don’t think she’s been a good producer, but then I’ve probably been a bad director.  We fall out because we’re bluffing and blustering and trying to hide the fact that we can’t actually cope.  But I do love her friendship.
‘Interesting Drug’ – Morrissey

Last nite, I fell asleep in Jonny’s bed, just thinking about Emma and how close had been in the wings during the show.
I slept-in late, while Jonny went to tech, returning at 12pm for lunch.
We went back into Tech at 2pm-ish.
It’s nice to see Jodie Ratcliffe back on Campus.  She’s been away for a little while.
At 2.30pm, we had a Music exam, which I hadn’t revised for, but even so, I felt very confident about it.
Emma and I spent half an hour on the grass, talking about THE CHINESE PLAY until I had to go to the RBL Centre to get a televideo ( a prop) and a video camera.
After this it was back to Jonny’s for dinner and I’m ever-so grateful to the Badcock’s for putting up with me.
At 5.30pm, back to KLCA, and Larry debriefed the troops, after which I RE-briefed them and we started videoing things, back-stage preparation, etc.  Then there was a fire drill, and finally it was time for THE CHINESE PLAY.
Cast Member/Character Caricatures
For a number of reasons, we went first tonite, which didn’t do us any good.  The other shows warmed them up last nite, but tonite it was like playing to corpses.  Mind you, the performance was very sloppy tonite.  BASTARD.  And this is the one we’ll have a permanent video record of.  ‘Fever’ went brilliantly last nite – really added something; but tonite it was shit + slowed everything down – not that things were well-paced anyway…
Cast Member/Character Caricatures
I’m sad the audience was less warm than last nite’s audience, because tonite it featured Jack (my brother), Lucille (Freddie’s sister, my sort-of aunt), Danny Black, Astra, some other friends and acquaintances, the critic from the Lynn News and the BTEC Examiner!  Trust me to fuck it up tonite, eh?
Cast Member/Character Caricatures
During the show – backstage – Emma and I embraced and then (thank god), we kissed!  And now we’re trying again.  It feels right to.  The moments we share seem stronger than before (god, that was a bit ‘Amanda’ from The Chinese Play of me, wasn’t it?).  So I’m quite chuffed with her and our situation.
‘Welcome to the Jungle’ – Guns ‘N’ Roses

Well, the verdict from Danny + Astra was that the play was ‘brilliant’.  The same reaction from other friends in the audience.  Jack + Lucille said ‘quite good’.  The critic said he liked it but that it was ‘a little too long’.
Then I had to sit with the Examiner and be assessed by him.  Luckily, he loved it.  He was extremely impressed that the whole thing was an original creation and loved my creative ideas.  Best of all, he said it was ‘an absolutely brilliant showcase for technique’, saying it covered almost every theatrical idea or theory he could think of.  He said my style equally matched what was happening in the forefront of modern theatre with my ‘flashback scrapbook’ style.  He even said my writing style was ‘fresh’, ‘original’ + even ‘exceptional’ and that my characters were ‘brilliant’ and ‘clearly defined’.  He liked my use of dialogue and told me my English was ‘impeccable’ + recommended that I go off and become a brilliant comedy writer.  He was also very chuffed that it drew on ‘60s cult TV.  The best news was that he too is a PRISONER fan.  Once we got the assessment out of the way, we chatted at great length about The Prisoner.  He was dead pleased with my work, so I now feel groovy that six months’ work has paid off.  That said, I still feel as if I could have ‘handed in’ a better product, but Larry said that I have more than enough right to be very pleased with myself.
So it all sounds good.
‘Hong Kong Garden’ – Siouxsie & the Banshees
After the get-out, a big gang of us went to China Gardens for food + it was fabulous – piles + piles of food for a fiver a head, though it seemed most of what was there went to me, Daniel, Jonny + Carl.  Our plates were permanently replenished.  We really had a good laugh.
Who else was there?
Julian Davenport, Sally Watson, Donna Davidson, Francesca Armley, Marita Huckle, Simon Lewis, Emma Goddard, Darren Marsh, Larry Goodgirl, Shelley Greene, Marco Di-Fonzo, Tracey Joyce, Dorrie Robbins, John Gray, and somebody else – now who the fuck was it?
Anyway, how we laughed as we all scraped our left-overs onto Jonny’s plate + then he asked Marita to finish his meal for him, which she did!  I made aspeech + so did Double D.  I also sang a rudey version of ‘Fever’ to all + sundry.  I also had a long conversation with the restaurant manager Kwai Li + kissed Emma a lot.
Daniel: I really love Chinese people.
Darren: I couldn’t eat a whole one.
Back at Donna’s place, Emma and I kissed for ages and I ran my fingers up + down her bottom cleft.  She has the most gorgeous bottom.  
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