The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 22 September 1988

News From Naomi

‘Put the Needle to the Record (12” Mix)’ – Criminal Element Orchestra


Apparently, according to Prediction magazine’s ASTROLOGY SECTION, the rest of September will feature ‘money and material matters’ and ‘general good luck’.





My No.1: Rags (Extended)’ – Crazyhead


Naomi Bell wrote to me, telling me she’s there whenever I need a friend.  She says she defends my blackened name in Norwich.  She’s nice to me.  I like Naomi Bell.


Here’s the letter, addressed to ‘Jez Winterfood’ and written on bright green paper at 3pm on Friday 16th September, at Shipstone Road in Norwich:


‘Dear Jezebel,


We started out as strangers … then friends, then – well … you know, then enemies, and then – it all went wrong again.  For the last few months I don’t know where we’ve been – or who we are to each other, but I know I’m fed up with hearing everyone in Norwich slagging you off because of Kat; and I don’t enjoy hearing the bloke I was once so much in love with verbally hated.  I ignored the comments to start, then I tended to agree.  I admit that I certainly don’t approve of how you treated Willock, but that’s all ended now.  If anyone starts on about you, I just answer that you’ve never meant to hurt me, so I’ve nothing against you now.


Rumours have it that you and Kat are now parted.  Don’t think I’m being too personal – I’m just curious and out to be there for a good friend – you, not Kat, although I know her and like her a lot.


I know that I am happily going out with Zig – we are very much in love.  We are good for each other.  I need that.  We are in the middle of finding a flat to share together.  Most people in ‘the group’ are happy for us – some think it’s rather too soon to live together.  My Dad is most anti – but we’ll get by.  Do you wish me luck?  I want to be happy, Jez, and I know I will be.


I started to write a letter to you on September 13th; you might remember this date, you might not…  But I didn’t like what I’d written.  I ripped it up.


Are you ever going to come into Norwich again?  Are you ever going to call me?  Write?


This letter is probably to put your mind at rest; to tell you that even though others dislike you so, I’m still here for you – as your faithful friend.  As usual.  I always was.  You just never saw it.


It’s too late for anything else.  I just want to be friends again – like we were on the 9th May ‘87.  Too much to ask?  I hope not.


Please get in touch.  SOON.


With love, Naomi xxx’




STUFF: Macbeth (set, music and action); Sharon Fielding; present friends; David Bowie; Ash; Miranda [with love to her from Ritch ‘99] (no sex); Justine (we talked briefly today); Doctor Who feelings; The Celestial Toymaker novel; College; Naomi Bell’s letter.


Oh, and ‘Did you know that Goth?’ + Jenny Taylor.


And Tracey (from last year?) still fancies me.  Poor girl. 



Someone gaunt and moody, blending into the shadows…


Lighting flash Bowie’s back!


‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)’ – David Bowie


I borrowed the Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) LP by David Bowie from Scarlett Kane, our Dance teacher. 

It’s dead good.


Macbeth’s exciting.  A shame I’m not in any of the fight scenes, as today we began our stage combat lessons, fighting with sticks.  The whole thing is so near to ‘reality’, but so carefully controlled.  It was incredible.  And enjoyable.  I felt I was beginning to excel, which surprised me.


My Outdoor Stage design is now complete.

At the request of Publicity, I have composed a letter to be sent to local TV and Radio stations.





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Next time: ‘Budget meetings and telly…’

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