The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 17 December 1985

Speak Out, 1985

‘The Show’ – Doug E Fresh

Today is Speak Out Day 1985! The debate was great and if we (Cheggers, Jazz, Brundle, Jabba and me) didn’t agree with anything said, we did a spot of chin-stroking and ‘Billy!’-ing (for the divine cause…).

Did I say I’ve been recording some Situation stuff at school for a tape entitled A Merry Wetlands Xmas? It’s been a really fun project, mainly recorded in the Biology mobile (on Cheggers’ garishly painted ghetto blaster, affectionately known as The Psychotic Pineapple) during breaks and featuring practically everyone I know, recording songs and carols and Christmas messages. Notable ‘guest stars’ include: Astra, Cheggers, Stan Flowers, Nicky Brown (whose dark, second-generation Italian looks really turn me on), hump-backed Jabba, Jazz, Scumburger, Legs, Rachel Baker, Human Beatbox, Joey, Stu, Dave, Brundle, Cally Bell, Chompers, Katy Gaynor and Angeline Hawkins (the brainy girl of our year – and someone I would happily shag). It’s really hip, swinging, mellow, cushty, groovy and amahzing. It is also wicked and gear. It is not square, fook, pookak or babber. And it’s amazing how many of my friends use the phrases ‘Billy!’ and ‘And the bears!’ these days.

‘Rewind it and play it’ – Nicky Brown, 1985

EastEnders was good tonight.

I feel ill again.

Poohbag! Babber! Flaming hummer!

Cheggers is gay!

'I am a stonker! I will knack you and bray you o’er!'

‘Bog off’ – Astra Trellis, 1985
Pick ‘n’ Mix:
Bill Nelson’s Red Noise, Wetlands High School, Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, ‘Blue Christmas’, acne, verbal sparring, The Jesus and Mary Chain, the language of Grid, icthyosis, Greg Lake, chocolate liqueurs, Bruce Springsteen, ‘Here Come The Bears’, Band Aid, Rudolph, Chas ‘n’ Dave, ‘Give Peace A Chance’, Happy Families, piling on, Chris De Burgh, school coat confiscations, the Common Room kitchen, The Beatles, Billy Batley, Paint Your Wagon, Birdy, Bauhaus, the price of bacon these days, Mike Smith, Grace Jones, ‘Wipe Out’, Propaganda, Arcadia, Scotch video cassettes (‘Re-record not fade away!).

D’you wanna match?
Your face – my arse!


This time 8 years ago:

‘I watched Doctor Who: The Sun Makers (Part Four).

[I watched all of the Autumn 1977 Doctor Who adventures in the lounge at Nostall, mostly on my own, sometimes with Mum and Paul or both, but not often. I know I began 1978 by watching a repeat compilation of Robots Of Death, whilst my Mum was hoovering, getting annoyed with her that I couldn’t hear the telly – Ritcherd, 1998]

This time last year:

‘I got my Christmas present from Mandy today – a Frankie Goes To Hollywood calendar. Didn’t do a lot, apart from a speech at tonight’s school Carol Service.’

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