The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 28 February 1985

Doctor Who: Axed!

‘Kiss Me’ – Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy

Kicked a 2nd Year in.

Tragic news: Doctor Who is going off the air for 18 months! Help! Mind you, although this latest season is good, I’m not really an ‘avid viewer’ any more. Even so, it’s a shame.

Well…what a month. I made friends with Angus Littlejohn! Lots of snow! Got kicked out and came back! Two weeks up North! 8 days in Ponty! New comics! Doctor Who going off the air! Prince mad! Met Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon!


This time 9 years ago:‘I watched Doctor Who: The Seeds Of Doom (Part Five).

This time 5 years ago:
‘I got my school report:



for Ritcherd Jones


Ritcherd writes with enthusiasm. He has an original style and really puts himself into his work, which is well structured and shows good use of vocabulary.

Ritcherd has worked well in maths and although he does not always assimilate new ideas readily he has developed more confidence in this subject.

Other aspects of work
Ritcherd has many ideas and he uses these to good effect in his art work. He is particularly adept at pencil drawing and has produced many careful and imaginative pieces.
General remarks
Ritcherd works well in class and has adopted a sensible attitude to school life.

RJ Elliot
Class TeacherFeb ‘80
This time 2 years ago:‘Got another old issue of Eagle.’

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