The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 23 February 1985

Making Peace

I missed the Wisbech Fire Station Disco! So I rang Jayne. I love her and have missed her so much.

I’m friends with my Mum again. We both apologised.

[Yeah, I eventually made peace with my Mum. I don’t know how, but you just do at this sort of age. Maybe she made the first move because she was nervous that I knew she was on the brink of having an affair (with my future fourth father). I imagine her to have been too hard and spiky for that, though.

And god knows what George thought of me fighting with my Mum and fleeing to Yorkshire. Looking back, I really don’t remember him being around domestically at this time. Maybe he just wasn’t much of a presence by now? Is that why she left him? – Ritcherd Winterfood, 9th June 1998]

Watched The Two Doctors (Part Two).


This time 3 years ago:
‘I watched Doctor Who: The Visitation (Part Four). Good.’

This time 2 years ago:
‘I bought a cheap back issue of Eagle today from the newsagent’s on Swan Hill. I watched Doctor Who: Terminus (Part Four). Nyssa left, which was sad but also a bit sexy to see her without her skirt on.’

This time last year:
‘New Doctor Who story: Planet Of Fire (Part One). Not bad. I really like the new companion, Peri. Very sexy.’

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