The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 16 February 1985

Two Doctors Meet

Had a bath at Grandma Pritchard’s and went into Pontefract with Our Jeff and Jippo.  They went, later, so I decided to visit Dan Gordon as I knew where he lived.

The Gordons are friends of my Dad, and I’d often wanted to re-meet their son. I’d met Dan – or ‘Flash’ as he’s generally known – only once before (in about 1979) when he was my Dad and Annie’s neighbour. They took me to see him last summer, but he wasn’t in.

When I arrived, I was generously welcomed. Flash was great. He has incredible eyes and hair. We got on extremely well, both of us interested in Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Doctor Who and other mutual rubbish. It’s amazing how similar we are.

I had tea (chicken salad – which I nervously dropped on their smart lounge carpet) and watched Doctor Who videos, including the first ever episode ‘An Unearthly Child’, which I haven’t seen since they showed it in 1981 on The Five Faces Of Doctor Who.

The Two Doctors (Part One) was on tonight, too. It was really good.

Flash gave me two Marvel annuals he didn’t want (one with some Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Fantastic Four) and lent me his diary to read.

[‘He had more Star Wars figures than me,’ is what I tell myself about Flash.

He probably didn’t. That might have been that Michael kid I also met when I was nine (his dad was a vicar and they lived in Chequerfield). Flash lived in Castleford back then, with parents made of beards and hair who were friends of my paternal father. We say we met in 1979, but it might easily have been 1982 or 1983. The truth is we don’t know. The meeting was too brief and we were startled by each other, rendered almost mute with inhibition and jealousy. So I don’t remember when we first met and nor does he. We make our myths up as we go along; but our beautiful friendship is always at the heart of them.

Several years later and a couple of days into leaving home, I find myself bored. It’s the season of the Valentine and I’m missing Jayne – as if I actually know what missing someone really feels like. I must admit, it did feel good that I was going out with the girl who worked on the comic stall of Wisbech Market – and she was older than me! God knows what she felt. We had good times, though, going out with her friends (a whole new social scene for me) and sitting in her kitchen/parlour kissing and occasionally catching a glimpse of Doctor Who. I remember rubbing her fanny through her skin tight jeans and sniffing my fingers as she went off to check on the sauté potatoes. That’s about as far as I got. Didn’t really think about fucking her until it was too late. She never touched my cock.

Anyway, devoid of Jayne, I recalled the location of the mythical Gordon home, now in Pontefract. I had previously visited it after a Chinese with my Dad and Annie, but Flash hadn’t been in. I’d been allowed to look in his loft, though; the playroom where his New Age parents kept him hidden from polite society like some hideous family embarrassment. Here he had comics and records and books and tapes and room for imagination. All I could think was how alike we would be. And I was right. Flash is me. Or at least he soon will be. And I will be him. Soon you won’t be able to see the join…

The front door is pulled in and with a blond-pink face he queries my presence. I speak my name, as if addressing him with it. I don’t know what happens next, but I am swiftly inside the vast building and presently I am alone with the Beast from the Attic. Finally, I find myself quite unable to prevent a badly-balanced chicken salad from tumbling to the floor; but in this moment, black and white becomes Technicolor. It is always this way when Dorothy lands in Oz, or Two Doctors meet

– Ritcherd Winterfood 3rd June 1998]


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