The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 21 January 1985

Finishing with Mandy Dell

‘O Superman’ – Laurie Anderson

We're outside the gym. I know all about you and Jayne, snaps a voice. Mandy. Jayne? I ask. Butter wouldn’t melt. Ever. Jayne, then, spits Mandy’s sister. There’s a bunch of them, and they all look pissed off. Jayne? I ask, butter running down my chin. At the Fire Station Disco, says Mandy, folding her arms. She looks smug. I still fancy her, though. Fire Station Disco? Yeah, that’s me. In my pool of rapidly congealing butter. Anything you want to tell me? she asks. Er. I’m mumbling. Too afraid to go through the motions of finishing with someone whose knickers I’d still like to get my hand into. I think we should finish, she says, not unrealistically. Me too, I say, saving face. She’s going. Taking her grim entourage with her. I don’t think I even care. We were together two months. November. I couldn’t believe my luck when I stole her off Dave. Don’t fuckin worry, mate, says Stan, from out of nowhere, I’ll’ve fingered her by Friday. And off he goes, whistling...

Rang Jayne. She wasn’t up as she’d gone to bed early.

I’m starting to realise that two years of my relationship with Mandy are over. Oops! I meant to say ‘two months’. Twat!

Later on, Jayne rang me. We chatted for a while. She got my number and my address from Stacey Nene. But how does Stacey know where I live? Weird. Joey must have told her.

[- says Jayne, coming to the phone. Hi, I say, it’s me. I was in bed, laughs Jayne’s voice. Bed? It’s only nine o’clock. I was just so knackered, she sighs. I’m carried on her breathy voice to a place where she allows me to put my hand up some cute nightie and part the soft curly hairs between her thighs -]

Oh! Jabba and I made a bet with Rachel Baker that we’ll be on TV before January 21st 1986! I think we’re going to lose!!!!!!!!!


This time last year:

‘Watched The Comic Strip Presents: A Fistful Of Traveller’s Cheques. Brilliant.’

This time 2 years ago:

‘A day earlier than expected, I actually got to go and stay at Ian’s in Leeds. His mum and dad went out, so Mary Lennox babysat for us. I haven’t seen her for ages, and we necked, listening to Soft Cell and The Human League. Brill.’


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