The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 11 December 1990

Why Johnny's Laughing

Sex, lies and WINTERFOOD
Now for some fascinating facts, or, rather, ‘fact’: did you know Andrew Eldritch’s real name is Andrew Taylor?  Well, bugger me.
‘First And Last And Always’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

As for me and the Berwin Christmas LP, well it started off as a bit of an accident and developed into ‘something to do’.  I wasn’t too serious about it and I could easily have done better versions of some of the ‘crapper’ songs, but I just didn’t want to.  I liked the spontaneity of it: write it, record it, bam-bam.  Some songs seemed rough, others seemed more polished.  It’s a nice mix, I feel.  And if anyone’s wondering why Johnny’s laughing at the beginning of ‘O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL’, it’s because I got my cock out.  I think, though, rather than trying to ‘be funny’ and ‘write funny songs’, I just wanted to use it as a means of developing Berwin’s (Xmas) character.  It was a character piece, and if there’s also any decent comedy in there, well that’s a bonus.  But I hope it’s made Berwin more accessible to other people that might hear it.
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Next time: ‘The Groomstool reception…’

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