The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 8 December 1990

Venus In Snow

‘Working Class Hero’ – John Lennon

Whenever I think of you for long enough, it really does make me cry.  All our love.

’Doctor Jeep’ – The Sisters of Mercy

Tonite I’m taping a biopic about JOHN LENNON and YOKO ONO.
I watched a LED ZEP documentary on MTV today, and I also watched STAR TREK III on TV, even though I own the video.
I’ve also been fortunate enough to see the new SISTERS OF MERCY video on THE CHART SHOW.  It is, of course, ‘DOCTOR JEEP’ and it’s one of the most fast-moving videos I’ve ever seen.
Well, as far as personal life goes, I’ve got quite a lot to record, but only when I get round to it…
‘Dominion/ Mother Russia’ – The Sisters of Mercy

Oh, I got my WOLFTIME/DW: CURSE OF FENRIC convention forms today.  I want to go, but I don’t think I can afford to book just yet!  Then there’s the ten quid panto I want to see in Cambridge with Sylvester in it…  That’d be nice.
Today, Johnny picked me up for a day in Norwich.  We collected Julian (just back from Spain) and on our car journey we watched the weather conditions turn from calm, to rain, to sleet, then blizzard.  Norwich was lovely in the snow and it all felt very Christmassy. 
Haven’t much money at the moment, but I bought myself the new IAN BRIGGS WHO novelisation, The Curse of Fenric.
Whilst there, I bumped into Joe Hertford – still a boring old NMA fan, but never mind – and we spoke very pleasantly to each other.  He seemed a bit mellower, and he even directed us to a really good place to eat.  I expected him to be quite negative towards me after all the ‘scene’ shit that went down a couple of years ago, but he was great.  That said, as much as I was pleased to see him, I didn’t want him to hang around, and thankfully he didn’t.
‘I’m Free’ – Soup Dragons

Later on, we suddenly bumped into Leighton Holt and his girlfriend Venus. 
Now.  Many months ago, Leighton and Venus left the student house at King’s Lynn’s Tagge Road and moved away.  Leighton got a very prestigious managerial job within WH SMITH.  And here he was – totally changed.  Gone the ripped jeans, clogs, beads and all that muddy and unflattering regalia of the crusty-goth; now he was very stylish, in a casual jacket, short hair, blue jeans and some rather nice trainers.  Venus too had evolved from the whole NMA scene, now with long curly hair, casual velvet jacket, blue jeans, and comfortable brown shows – and god, does she look all the better for it!  In fact, Venus looked bloody gorgeous, I have to say.
They’re both very happy with their new life and both in full-time employment.  They live together in Dereham and no longer mix with Kat and Willock, frowning upon their lifestyle and their NMA obsession.  They told me they find them both very strange now, Willock in particular, whom they both described as ‘a twat’.  They feel no connection to any of that now and seem very glad to be away from it all.  Honestly they both seemed much nicer, more open and very genuine.  They seemed bright and warm and generous.  So we’ve agreed to get in touch soon and talk about a Christmas drink (and I may well meet up with him on Monday in King’s Lynn).  It’s nice to know Leight’s altered at last – he’s wanted to for over a year, I know that much.  I used to slag him off for hanging about with a dork like Willock, but I hope we can now grow to become better friends like we once hoped to outside the Red Lion in Norwich, 1987.
Oh well: 30 YEARS OF CORONATION STREET.  Good on ‘em, I say!
‘Silent Spring’ – Primal Scream

Talking to Julian about DOCTOR WHO today, I mentioned that it might be nice to record five new stories, one with each of the surviving Doctors.  He agreed, saying it would be nice to bolster up the Colin Baker tales.  I agree. 
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Next time: ‘Sadness and happiness…’

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