The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 7 December 1990


‘Into the Groovy’ – Ciccone Youth

I taped the MADONNA documentary tonite and the bits I’ve seen so far are SKILL.
I’ve also watched TOM BAKER in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA and I’m very into him at the moment.
I’d like to see WHO return, actually, but I think it ought to change its format and become more viable to the general public.  I reckon it would now have to be 50-minute complete story episodes (like American series) or a one whole story per season format; not splintered like ‘THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD’ but like some of these other BBC series.  It’d be nice to see something like McCoy’s Doctor preoccupied by an ancient power growing on Gallifrey, realising something chaotic is on its way.  Maybe the power is connected to the wildernesses of Gallifrey, affecting the Doctor’s health and future.  So, of course, he investigates and out in the wilds he finds TOM BAKER’s Doctor (original drafts of ‘The Five Doctors’ have got me thinking this way).  And maybe the Fourth Doctor is really angry + pissed off that he’s been plucked from reality, out of his own TIMESTREAM and to be restored he has to ‘do something’ about his subsequent incarnations.  So now he’s out to get them.  Obsessed.  And so they’re all assembled on Gallifrey for this strange whodunit murder-mystery type adventure.  Oh, I don’t know quite what.  I’m just making this up as you read it.  Like the rest of this diary or ‘blog’ or whatever it is.  Hm.  Mustn’t let the mask slip.  Anyway, all the characters could be exaggerations: BAKER hating DAVISON; DAVISON alienated by them all; COLIN totally off his tree like the Joker or something; and when it comes to all the Doctors going off alone to resolve the situation, COLIN will side with whoever’s got the best chances of prolonged survival.  Then there’s McCOY – reluctant to solve the problems directly – at times just as conspicuous as BAKER; perhaps the only two Doctors on the same mental level.  McCoy’s the only one able to shout Baker down.  Maybe this whole situation becomes too difficult to resolve, but of course they pool their resources to control the now desperate (but definitely not evil, except perhaps as far as his relationship with Davison goes) TOM.  They decide to go to the root of the problem – and fuck knows what it is or why – but to get to the root of BAKER’s issues, they extract PERTWEE, which somehow cuts TOM down to size.  As it should.  Of course, I need someone who can write to tie all this up and fill the holes, but I think it’s a nice premise.
‘Amphetamine Logic’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

Tonite I went to The Angel and had a couple of pints, speaking briefly to Matt Davis, and then I went to the Queen’s School where there was a punk gig on.  I waited for Trish – the girl I met last weekend – and took her to The Angel because the gig was crap and I didn’t want to be there.  She was cool with this so we sat in The Angel, chatting very happily and lengthily.  It was very fascinating talking to her and I think I might already have affected her opinion on a number of things in life that she had hitherto not thought about or considered.  It was a pleasant evening and we may well go out again before Christmas Day.
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