The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 28 December 1990

Sisters, Stones and Stardust

My No.1: ‘Ribbons’ by The Sisters of Mercy

I’ve just got up!  That’s the bloody latest in ages.
I’ve sent a lot of cards out this year and in the one I sent to Lilith I wrote a small poem about our distance – physically and spiritually – may not be perhaps as apocalyptic as it once seemed, and that I still care for her and often think of her; nay, I probably still love her in some way (the way I always did) but that that love has been buried by the tribulations of an as yet unfocused and uncoordinated life.  Anyway, she sent me a poem today which tells me that her ‘eternal love’ for me is still great and that her heart still beats and her blood still flows for me.  She signed it by telling me she feels love for me, offering 9 kisses.
‘Vision Thing’ – The Sisters of Mercy

I absolutely adore my new STONES LP, Their Satanic Majesties Request.  I’m in a ‘curious about The Stones’ kind of phase at the moment. 
I also think ‘VISION THING’ is a fantastic track on the new Sisters LP, a brilliant dance track with hypnotic kind of raw and powerful continuity.  The whole LP heralds a new dawn for The Sisters.  ‘RIBBONS’ is so powerful and in my opinion the best track, a multi-layered tapestry of emotion and instinct that chills me the whole way through.  And Eldritch’s voice is different; better than before.  That said, ‘DETONATION BOULEVARD’ seems very weak, almost ‘filler material’; it fits the style and isn’t out of place, but it’s a bit flat.  All the lyrics on the LP show that The Sisters have escaped from the acid rain and the corrosion to emerge into some post-Modern, socio-political environment where lifes is even more of a struggle, more apocalyptic; the kind of apocalypse that doesn’t happen crouched over some drugs on a mirror but in the real world with wars and guns and bombs.  ‘SOMETHING FAST’ comes third in my favourite tracks – a bold attempt at breaking the expected ‘drum machine ROCK’ of the other Sisters stuff, a bit like the earlier ‘1959’.  It’s a gorgeous expose of the seedier side of life, and Maggie Reilly’s backing vocals add a sharp and clear juxtaposition to Eldritch’s pained gurglings.  Other tracks suggest a growth in song-writing with good hooks and choruses.  Some of the tracks are real dance rockers.  ‘MORE’ and ‘DOCTOR JEEP’ are outstanding, of course, particularly the former, though for reasons I can’t quite fathom.  It’s a great album that falls into a great canon.  And it kind of carries on where DIAMOND DOGS by BOWIE left off.  It’s almost what Bowie should have become in some ways.    It’s a ‘Rebel Rebel’ for the ‘90s.  And it needs a good shafting cos I love it!  FUTURE LEGEND is finally here and it’s the REAL future and it’s called VISION THING – see you on January 15th 1991.
‘Working Class Hero’ – John Lennon

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