The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 27 December 1990

Plans Gone Awry

‘Oh Yoko!’ – John Lennon

Still thinking about Flash and Raq after what Stan told me.  Are they back together then?  As Stan said, ‘What is she?  His shadow?’  Good question.  Are they Siamese Twins?  If you separate them do they die?  God… Shades of Johnny and Missy.
Almost 6pm
‘Man Scared’ – Fat Lady Sings

Funny, in a lot of ‘end of the world’ prophecies they say stuff about being able to see the moon in the daytime.  And it was there all day today.
They’re sending out call-up papers tomorrow, apparently.
My life, I dare myself to say, is about – in simplistic terms, this is – art and love.  And what destroys those things as sure as bugger?  War.
Stan’s going back to Leeds today to his solicitor as his now ex-girlfriend Michelle is taking out a court injunction against him, and he wants to get it all sorted out.  That’s a shame because I was hoping to invite him over to get together with us for New Year’s Eve.
Mind you, Johnny rang me today and told me that on Christmas Day, Missy rang him and demanded that he go to Yarmouth on Saturday – till Tuesday.  So he’ll be seeing the New Year in with her.  He doesn’t want to at all, but he can’t get out of it.    It’s a shame too and he feels he’s letting me down and he really wants to see Flash.  So all chances of an eventful New Year’s Eve seem unlikely now.  We had planned to do a celebratory Berwin Groomstool video, but we may as well not bother now.
ON TOP OF THIS, Polly’s thinking about going back up to Leeds, which for me would just be THE WORST.  I’ve missed her so much since Christmas Eve and I really hope we can go out or something on Saturday.  This is some sort of Karmic hassle, I bet you; I’m going to get hurt in this situation just as I’ve hurt others in the past.  But I’d love to see the Jez/Polly flower take bloom.
‘When the Levee Breaks’ – Led Zeppelin

I am really getting severely fucked off. 
Well, Polly rang – this isn’t the hassle – and she only spoke briefly because she was at Sammy’s and says she’ll ring me properly tomorrow. 
The hassle is this: I just rang Johnny.  We were going to go out tomorrow night but he’s all het up about Missy again, so doesn’t want to.  Basically she’s told him he can’t, so he’s not going to.  How shite can you get?  The worse thing he ever did was make a commitment to that spoilt, stuck-up little bitch!  She’s a cunt!  She can fuck off and die because she’s making him into such a morbid, miserable little fucker and I can’t handle him when he’s like this. 
So fuck my head, I was looking forward to going out with him tomorrow, too.  Well, loads of fucking Christmas cheer, Johnny!  I know it’s not your fault, but still…  We really ARE getting out together loads this Christmas like you said we would – MUCH!
‘John Sinclair’ – John Lennon

Arse!  Arse!  Fuck!  Another nite of piss and cack.
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