The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 22 December 1990

NORCAT Xmas Reunion

‘Sucker DJ’ – Dimples D

For me, the day began in the wee small hours in LA’s nite club, King’s Lynn, in the company of Johnny, Polly and Sammy.
By the time the disco finally came to an end, somehow Polly was caressing my leg and I was caressing hers.  And we were definitely getting closer and closer as people.  I was so happy because I hadn’t looked for any of this, but when it came, I was so full of joy and happiness, and flowers and trees, and picturesque valleys, and sweets and chocolates and stuff.
As Polly and Sammy left, we made arrangements for another meet-up.
Johnny and I then went back to his and slept.
‘Another Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas’ – Gary Glitter

Later today, we had a NORCAT (College) reunion at The Spread Eagle.  This was attended by: me, Johnny, Jamie Davenport, Julian Ward, Darren Marsh, Larry Goodgirl, Peter Conti, Harriet Burleigh, Una Baker, Rhoda Baker, Gemma Winchester, and Abby McMillan. 
We then all popped off to CROFTERS until we’d slowly dwindled down to just me, Johnny, Julian, Gemma + Una.
I then popped home for some money, and had a letter from Amy Neat of the ‘you know you want me’ nature, with quotes like ‘come and fuck me’, ‘cum for me and I’ll cum for you’ and ‘when I masturbate I imagine you watching me’.  Amy, I really am NOT in the least bit interested.  At all.  Not in the slightest.
I also had a letter from Raq’s friend Helen and a big parcel post-marked Norwich (I’m assuming Maggie sent it). 
‘Suicide Blonde’ – INXS

This evening, the reunion survivors went out to the Wenns and The Maiden’s Head before returning to Una’s for a rather mellow, sedate and largely ungroovy but still very nice gathering.
Oh, and Johnny now fancies Becky Baker.
At the gathering, Julian, Johnny and I ended up confessing to that naughty conversation we had a while back, and I felt a bit embarrassed revealing to Una + Gemma that we’d all three agreed that we’d love to have sex with them – including lots of oral and anal.  I think they were stunned, but also pleased, which came as a bit of a surprise!
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Next time: ‘Another night with Polly…’

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