The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 1 December 1990

Home Truths At Badger House

‘First And Last And Always’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

Today, Stan Flowers rang me up and invited me to his mum’s as he’s back there for the weekend.  So, after meeting Legs in The Angel and collecting some money and comics from him, and buying DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE (which wasn’t bad) and TOXIC PRESENTS issue one (featuring  new MARSHAL LAW story), I went over to Badger House in Tilney St. Lawrence. 
Stan has had loads of fallings out with Michelle and came ‘home’ to get away from it all.
Eventually, after dinner, I played him It’s A WonderBastFuckCUNTingardful Life, which he loved, and then we went over to King’s Lynn for a drink in the Wenns.
‘Alice’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

In the pub, we talked to that bloke whose name I don’t remember (but I shared a packet of crisps with him once at a gig, about 3 years ago).  We also chatted to old faces like Dave and Solomon Brown.  Then Gemma Winchester came in with her boyfriend and I must say she looked quite gorgeous and very edible.  And she was pleased to see me, I’m glad to say, being particularly amazed by the length of my hair.  Also, there was Anita Wotsit of all people, who used to be in my TS group back in ‘86/’87.  She informed me that Jenny Taylor is now married!  People were also very ready and quick to inform me that Roger Watson was recently arrested and charged with possession of drugs, but he made up some excuses and was let off with a fine.  Mike Cummings was also there – brother of Sasha Cummings.  He actually used to be a really good friend of Fergie’s so we talked about her.  He said she just pisses him off now because he feels that she uses and abuses people.  He thinks she’s in love with only herself and no-one else.
‘Valentine’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

Stan and I then went over to the Lattice House to see a band.  I saw Luggage there and Jazz Thompson.  Jazz and I talked about Lilith and I told him that if he sees her he must please tell her that I regard her very highly but I’m worried that we’re drifting emotionally and culturally, etc.  God, I do find it difficult to put pen to paper where Lili’s concerned.  I also talked to a guy called Andrew who used to go out with one of Fergie’s friends when I was seeing Fergie.  He too slagged Fergie off, saying in so many words that she’s manipulative.  It’s funny, the more I thought of Fergie tonight, the more I began to see her as a spider at the centre of a web – with a man on every leg!  It also turns out she’s seeing someone new at the moment!
Also in the Lattice were my greatest nemeses in the universe: Willock and Kat.  When they saw me and Stan walking past them on the way out they avoided my gaze and started kissing.  Weeds.
Stan and I were going to hitch back, but we met a girl called Trish from Long Sutton who drove us home, along with her mate; a bloke whose name I can’t remember.  George, perhaps?  Trish wasn’t bad at all – I quite liked her, and I’m meeting her next week for a gig in Wisbech, I think!
‘Hey Jude’ – The Beatles

Back at Stan’s, he decided to make us a rudimentary curry after Sieg and Annette retired to bed.  Within the hour, they were back down, having apparently reached the end of their tether.  Annette ‘finally’ told Stan that after this weekend he would no longer be welcome at Badger House unless he changed his ways.  There were three points of adjustment, I think: i) that he should put his life in order and take more responsibility and adopt some discipline, ii) he must show more respect to his folks and not make free with their home, hospitality and food, iii) he must do more about his personal hygiene and be cleaner; less smelly.  This came as a bit of shock to Stan, and me too – even though his folks were quite right to say as much (he does need to shake himself up a bit!).
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Next time: ‘Boozegate…’

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