The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 20 December 1990

Good for the Psyche

My No.1: ‘Pro-Gen’ by The Shamen

A remark about tonite’s EASTENDERS: it was bloody dramatic.  Very powerful indeed.
Today’s purchases? 
Murder Casebook: The Killing of John Lennon
Revolver #6
Oh, I got a letter from Maggie today.
‘Enjoy the Silence’ – Depeche Mode

Maggie’s letter…
She thanks me for my letter and says it cheered her up as she’s been ill.  She says she’s finished much of her Christmas shopping, and now she’s thinking about buying herself another pet rabbit.  She’s glad I’m making some kind of progress with the theatre company too.  She clarifies – as I requested – her position based on her feelings expressed in her last letter.  She says we’ll always be good friends, but that there are too many miles between us to forge a romantic relationship.  ‘If circumstances were different,’ she says, ‘then maybe things would be different.’  She signs off promising Christmas present in the post and offering me four kisses.
Anyway, she’s cleared up her position and that’s fair enough.  All I was interested in was considering the hypotheticals.  I know we can’t have a ‘lurve’ relationship just through our letters.  And I’m incredibly happy to continue as merely her friend.  She’s good for my psyche.
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Next time: ‘Murder Casebook…’

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