The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 10 December 1990

Crofters With Fergie

‘There Is No Love Between Us Any More’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

Today, I’ve been to King’s Lynn where I met Fergie for lunch at CROFTERS and a walk around town to chat over old times and to be together for what might be the last time in 1990.  It was lovely to see her, looking festive in her green velvet jacket and her red scarf.  She looked as beautiful as ever.  We had a nice couple of hours together, even briefly saying hello to Lilith and Leighton Holt. 
I do miss Fergie and I was glad that we could get together socially before the end of what was, partly, ‘her year’.  I often feel cheated that Mickey was always in the way of us really getting together.  Had he gone to New York in February and ‘gone silent’ on her then instead of postponing it all till August, then it might have worked out for us.  But it was his interference that totally jeopardised my chances with her.  If only he’d gone sooner.  But ‘if only’ isn’t a good staple for the diet of someone looking for romantic success, is it, Winterfood, so stop it.
It’s nice to know that back when we both made secret wishes around our ‘wishing tree’ in the Walks, we both wished for the same thing – for a resolution to our love issues.
‘1969’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

Johnny rang tonite.  He saw Jolene today and she was really nice, apparently.  Very sexy, he said, and she asked about me, which is surprising.
Stan also rang.  He’s back with Michelle and things are settling down and he’s talking to his parents again, which is good.  See you on Saturday, Stan.
‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ – Sinead O’Connor

I HAVE JUST FINISHED MY READING OF IAN BRIGGS’ TARGET NOVELISATION OF ‘THE CURSE OF FENRIC’.  It was so powerful and inspiring.  The final chapter was unbelievably beautiful in its elegance.  Giving Ace and the Doctor that future, where she hadn’t seen the Doctor for years having found her place at last and becoming the great grandmother of Sorin (if you’re looking at it that way).  I can’t express how vital and new it felt as a Target novel.  My advice to anyone reading these recent Targets is maybe read 'GHOST LIGHT' and 'SURVIVAL' first then save FENRIC till the end – it’ll be more satisfying that way.  I’m beginning to think it might have been better on TV that way, too.  I mean, how can you top the magic at the heart of FENRIC?  What a wonderful movie it’d make.  
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Next time: ‘Why Johnny’s laughing…’

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