The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 25 December 1990

Christmas Day 1990

‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ – Brenda Lee
YO-HO-HO!  I’ve got the flu or something; I feel ace!  Yo-ho-ho!
Here’s the Christmas Checklist:
A gorgeous painting of a leonine face from Maggie
Some toiletries
A pack of blank videos
A pack of blank audios
Some socks
Lots of chocolates
Fact-o-file pages
A personal stereo
Doctor Who novelisations:
The Cybermen by David Banks
Doctor Who videos:
The Web Planet
In Gorbachev We TrustThe Shamen
En-Tact – The Shamen
CornerstonesJimi Hendrix
'Alice’ (12-inch)The Sisters of Mercy
Gift – The Sisters of Mercy/The Sisterhood
Vision Thing – The Sisters of Mercy
Their Satanic Majesties RequestThe Rolling Stones
‘The Christmas Song’ – Nat ‘King’ Cole

I still feel a bit ‘off’, healthwise.
Polly will have had a day that went something along the lines of: get up, breakfast, cooking dinner, drink a lot, have dinner, open presents.
I’ve been missing her all day.  I just rang her and she too has been a bit ill.  The phone call was good and we were both very chatty.  I felt at ease and not at all worried.  As we finished our call, I felt pleased and satisfied, any doubts diminished.  I have great feelings for the Scorpio from Singapore, the beautiful Polly Willis.  I can only hope she feels the same for me.  I don’t want to be doomy and gloomy at the start of 1991.  I’d like to be full of love.
‘I Was Wrong’ – The Sisters of Mercy

Moving along, Johnny rang.  He too was a little depressed.  He’d been out for a few bevvies with his old school mates last night and they finished up in LA’s.  He rang Missy today and she had a go at him about not being in touch enough and for having good times without her (he never goes out when she’s around).  She moaned at him mostly for spending too much time with me!  As if.  He’s so mixed up at the present, what with Hanna, Abby and Missy occupying his emotions.  I think he’s probably closer to letting Missy go than ever.
Well?  Christmas Day 1990?  Raining.  Ill.  Slightly depressed.  But feeling optimistic and still aiming for happiness.  Totally enraptured by Polly.  In love with everyone who bought me lovely Christmas gifts.
Been watching my Sisters of Mercy ‘Shot’ video, which is bloody fantastic.
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Next time: ‘Boxing Day 1990…’

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