The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 2 December 1990


‘Heartland’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

By 7am this morning, Stan had gone from Badger House.  That’s what Sieg and Annette told me.  When I got up he’d long gone.  Apparently he told them they’ll not be seeing him again, but I have to say that this would be more his loss than theirs.  Sieg and Annette were only trying to help him – cruel to be kind and all that.  I should say that they are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met: genuine, helpful, kind; brilliant parents, and, ina sense, extra parents for me (as if I needed anymore!).  They’ve been good to me and on more than one occasion have promised always to be.
When I got up, Annette cooked me a fried breakfast and we talked it all over.  I promised that if Stan were to be in touch I’d talk to him about it all and see what I could do to help.  Then Sieg drove me home, and as we said goodbye he told me that I’d always be welcome at Badger House with or without Stan.   
‘Candle In The Wind’ – Elton John

Yet another interesting weekend.
On TV I’ve watched MONTY PYTHON, CASUALTY and the Western, THE BIG SKY.  And on video I’ve watched some of the ST:TNG episodes I’ve been taping – ooh, aren’t I interesting?
'Overture to the Sun’ – Terry Tucker’s Orange Clockwork

Spock came over this afternoon and gave me some jyp.  He said he’s seen Duncan again this week and they’d both agreed that they were ‘disgusted’ at Legs and me for not taking any booze to the Clockwork Orange ‘do’ last week.  God!  I couldn’t afford booze that day – nor did I want to do any boozing anyway because of the bus journey the next day.  AND, when we got to the ‘do’, we both made a very specific point of not pilfering any of the copious amounts of booze brought by the others.  I told Spock all this, but he was still adamant that he was disgusted.  I couldn’t believe how annoyed he was!  I told him that if that was now the case, that one had to buy a bottle of booze one doesn’t want in order to sit at a friend’s house and watch a video, then I wouldn’t be going again, thanks.  Cunts.  I was the one who provided the fucking PRISONER video, wasn’t I?!  Well they can arse off because I won’t be attending any of their functions again.  I hate people quibbling about farty-fuck-all and imposing their restrictions on me. 
Actually, despite the above passage, I’m not really bothered.  I just wanted to show you what a load of shite some people can be over nothing.
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Next time: ‘Meetings and Meet-Ups Planned…’

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