The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 5 December 1990

A Possible World

‘Preaching to the Perverted’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

Well, I’ve got into soap opera – not obsessively, just turned-off brain fodder.  I’m currently following: HOME + AWAY, NEIGHBOURS and CORONATION ST.  Yes, I can’t deny it.  Who gives a shit?
I’ve still got loads of episodes of TWIN PEAKS (still not seen any yet; but Julian says it's amazing) and THE GREEN MAN to watch.
‘Gimme Shelter’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

I went to The Angles Centre today to see Rachel and it was extremely productive.  She – and others – were impressed by my attitude, approach, experience and ideas.  They told me several times that they needed more people with my outlook in their organisation, and told me that they would love me to join.  The down-side is that it’s all completely voluntary, which isn’t going to work for me.  I may well help them out from time to time, in the name of ‘backscratching’, y’see.  And they did express a great interest in me and my potential role within theirs and the wider community – they even said they’d be very keen to have their youth group put THE CHINESE PLAY on (forgive me an inner giggle at that).  I also told them about the prospective SITUATION THEATRE COMPANY and they were so interested that they offered me the opportunity to use their space and resources for rehearsals and administrative work as of next year.  So it looks like we might start using the Angles as a base for the development and launch of FRANKENSTEIN from Easter 1991 onwards.  Well, it’s a start!
I’m also close to having an interview regarding a potential grant with a woman from the Eastern Arts body.
Oh, if only the Angles paid its team wages…
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Next time: ‘Maybe if we were closer…’

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