The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 29 December 1990

A New Hope

‘Detonation Boulevard’ – The Sisters of Mercy

I haven’t been to bed yet.  I’ve had a day of cataloguing and sorting out the SITUATION cassettes (1985-1990).  The only one I’m missing is CITIZEN DERRICK; I knew Flash didn’t give it to me with all the others that day in his room before he headed off to Oxford, even though he maintained he had.
‘Pray’ – MC Hammer

‘Go Away’ – Strawberry Switchblade

Anyway, Flash rang today and he’ll be arriving tomorrow (just as my family are heading up to Yorkshire, funnily enough).  I hope he gets here in good time (i.e. before six) or there’ll be cacker bastards flying all over the galaxy. 
Why?  Well, I’m heading out to King’s Lynn at about 6pm at the latest, and no matter what happens, I’m sorry to say, I’m bloody well going!  Y’see, Polly rang today and she and Sammy will be at the Wenns tomorrow from 8pm till 10pm.  It was a short phone call, and when she said ‘Will you be in the pub tomorrow?’  I replied, ‘Why?  Would you like me to be?’, and she said ‘Of course, Mister!’
‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ – Eurythmics

On reflection, I realise I might have sounded a little bit sarcastic, though that wasn’t my intention (though I have been a bit down in the dumps worrying that we’d never get together again or that she’d spend the New Year in Leeds).  There was something sad in her voice when I asked her if she’d like me to be.  I suppose I ought to have said ‘YES!’ outright, but I’m not good at that kind of spontaneity.  Too self-conscious and self-critical.
Anyway, I jollied up and told her I’d definitely be there.  Apparently she’s got to leave early because it’s her Mum’s 50th birthday party.  Even that deflates me, which is bloody stupid.  I just really, really want to start something with her.  I’m actually quite in awe of her.
‘Doctor Who (Mood Version)’ – Mark Ayres

Polly told me she’d been out with Jo Jordan on Boxing Night, too.  I’ve no idea if there’s anyone else on the scene, no idea how much she likes me ‘like that’, if at all.  But jealousy is a bag of cacker, so I’m not going to play at being a dick.  I suppose it’s Fergie that made me feel paranoid about every emotional situation.
‘Disappear’ – INXS

Anyway, after considering all the options, I realise I ought to now get in touch with Russell Flowers, as he’s the only person in Lynn I can think of that has a place that Flash and myself might be allowed to sleep the night at. 
But whatever happens, I am not passing up the chance of seeing Polly.  She goes back to Leeds on the 2nd.
‘1959’ – The Sisters of Mercy

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with her.  Really.  I shouldn’t have done, but I have and I hope she’ll continue to let me see her romantically, even if I have to settle for it being simply now and again.
The end of 1990 draws near.
Please give me a beautiful 1991.
‘Lady Grinning Soul’ – David Bowie

Please, please, please give me the love of Polly.
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