The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 8 November 1990

Theories of Berwin

My No.1: ‘Voodoo Chile’ by Jimi Hendrix

1990’s been a funny and sad year.  And I like that: the fact that you can use ‘funny’ and ‘sad’ when describing one thing and that they go hand in hand.  I’m talking about my 1990, of course.  I’d be sad if these diaries and writings were for nothing, though.  War still looms on the horizon and shows no sign of backing down…  Last nite I dreamt about ‘the bomb’ going off without warning.  It was everything you’d expect, too.
I wrote to Fergie today; I’d hate to lose touch with her.  I’d also like to write to Lili, but writing to both in one night seems a bit cheap.
I’ve bought two copies of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE.
In sillier news, I’m planning on recording some new Situation tapes for Christmas (how juvenile can I get?).
I’m glad Flash is doing well with our comic creation, Berwin Groomstool.  I had plans to perform as Berwin myself at the Angles, but I doubt I will be doing for some time now, especially if Johnny, Julian and I get our Gothic plays out there.  I just hope Flash won’t run off with Berwin or end up letting someone else do it.  I’d hate to lose out to a complete stranger.  I hope Flash will respect my part in Berwin’s creation.  I trust him implicitly but I hope he’ll involve me in any decisions that might spring from this.  The privilege of being allowed to say, ‘YES!  GO FOR IT!’ more than anything else.  If anything truly cool comes up, I do hope to be involved in some way.  Flash will always have a place in any project I undertake.
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