The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 19 November 1990

Maggie & the Mole

‘Unbelievable’ – EMF

I have a letter from Maggie
I sent her one of my old bangles that she’d admired and she says she’s been wearing it non-stop.  She’s also framed my photographs.  She encloses a Christmas card too, by the way.
She’s been having troubles with ‘It’, her boyfriend, again.  He’s been trying to make her feel guilty and she just wants her freedom to be like her old self; she says she can’t believe how full of anger he makes her.  She imagines if I was responding to her needs for freedom and self-expression that I’d be a lot more understanding and considerate.
As she writes, she says she’s stuffing her face with roast chestnuts bought for her by her boss’s father.  She says she fancies a huge sticky lump of carrot cake as a treat.  She says she likes my handwriting.  She says I’m one of her very best friends too: ‘all the money in the world couldn’t buy a better friendship’.  She’s glad we got to know each other and became friends and hopes we shall always be so: ‘You are so important to me’.  She says when we next meet she wants the biggest cuddle ever.
She finishes the first letter begging me to write soon: ‘PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE’.
She then starts another letter some days later, having attended a belated Hallowe’en party and also having accidentally smacked her head on her front door.  This meant she was off work and off to the doctors for possible concussion.
She responds to my misery regarding a lack of creative work, telling me to be strong and to not fade away.  She tells me I’m too strong to let that happen or to let things drag me right down.  I do hope she’s right.  ‘You are one in a million, with a personality to match no-one else’s.  ‘You are brilliant and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or they’ll have me to deal with.  OK?’
She also tells me she’s making me a Christmas present!
She signs off that she’s missing me, adding hugs and three kisses.
‘The Only One I Know’ – The Charlatans

Incidentally, Johnny had a huge mole cut out of his buttock today.
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Next time: ‘When Santa Got Stuck Up My Chimley…’

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