The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 6 November 1990

Giving Maggie Strength

‘Tower of Strength’ – The Mission

Maggie did write today.
LETTER FROM MAGGIE, POST-MARKED 2ND NOVEMBER.  Written on postcards and file paper.
She thanks me for my letter and tells me she’s very tired, busy in the pottery and ‘down the pub’.  She liked the photo sent her.  Work at the shop seems to be going well, though she wants to go and get a Design degree but can’t afford to put herself through university.  She’d love to get a job working with me, or at least one in which we could have lunch together.  She’s was having relationship trouble with the guy who used to try and stop her writing to me, but now she’s chucked him; yet he continues to hassle her.  She jokes that I’m the only man who makes her eyes sparkle.   She’s sad that just as she and I were getting along so well at college she had to leave.  She hopes one day we can be closer friends.  She felt that when we first met that it was like talking to someone she’d known for years.  She feels that going out with Simon was a mistake.  She says he was nice and he made her laugh, but they weren’t suited.  She says we should meet up soon if we can.  She still listens to my tape and thanks me for getting her into Throwing Muses.  She wishes she had stuck with her college course and completed and admits that she fell in with the wrong people and that was her downfall.  She says she used to watch me in Goth Corner in the Common Room, wishing she dared come over and join me and talk to me rather than hanging round with Hamster and ‘a bunch of stupid twats’.  Kat was always a problem for her though, they were natural enemies. She said she didn’t know what to make of me before we met; she found me intimidating in my goth clobber and Cuban heels.  She still misses her late best friend and this makes her sad about the world.  She wants to hide from the fighting and quarrelling and the war that seems to be waiting for us just around the corner.  She’s glad I reply to her letters quickly and would us each to send the other one letter a week.  She feels that having my words in her life every week makes her feel stronger and better able to cope with the world.  As she writes, it’s dark and pouring down with rain and she needs to get a bus.  She signs off with ‘love, hugs + kisses’ (three of them, in fact).
Did I say Danny wrote last week and invited me up to Sheffield to stay with him?
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