The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 2 November 1990

A Trip To Winchester

‘Dig For Fire’ – Pixies

I arrived late tonite and good old Raq met me at the station with her mate, Helen Smith.  We got some CANSIN and had dinner at the uni canteen, where I reckon I saw Abby McMillan from a distance, but it was all too vague, so I can’t be certain!
It’s great here.  Raquel’s lovely and groovy without Flash.  I hope we’re both having a good time.  I know I am.
‘When the Levee Breaks’ – Led Zeppelin

I arrived in Winchester at about 5:30pm today after travelling down via London with Jodie Ratcliffe and her friend on the coach.  It was the first time I’ve seen Jodie in ages, and it was very nice to see her, too.
Raquel and her friend Helen Skelton met me at the bus station and we dumped my stuff in Raquel’s room at Spicer/Stodge Lodge before going for dinner at King Alfred’s college canteen.
For the rest of the evening, the three of us drank lots of lager and watched MONTY PYTHON.  After a room visit by other Stodge-lodgers (Mark, another Helen and Darren) it was time for bed.  I ended up sleeping with Raquel – not as in ‘having sex’, though we did end up kissing and caressing a great deal.  This, I must admit, felt somehow perfectly logical, natural and very nice.  Maybe I’ve always felt like that about her, I don’t know.  Not so long ago I thought I couldn’t stand her; but I really do like her.  I think it might just have been some of the difficult situations we previously found ourselves in that made things crap for us.  I dunno.  Mind you, I bet she’ll slag me off to Flash next time she sees him…  Anyway, as to what happened, I know damn well I’d never have done any of it if she’d still been going out with Flash.  And I hope he won’t be offended by it in any way.  What happened in bed made me feel very tender and very nice, like I’d discovered something about my feelings for Raquel that I’d never really known before.  Something that goes beyond all those little bitcheries that passed behind our backs in the past.  Something new, I hope.  A new kind of friendship.  Maybe I’m being too optimistic.
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