The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 25 November 1990

A Clockwork Orange

‘Kashmir’ – Led Zeppelin

All recording on the Situation/Berwin LP is complete – just a few inserts to put in and some mixing and post-production to do.  Today, Johnny came over to help me complete it, and the recording was hectic!
We’ve recorded these songs:
‘White Christmas’, my lyrics, dubbed over the Bing Crosby track.  All about Berwin’s sexual perversions at Christmas.  The vocals are by Berwin and the Berwinettes.
‘Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’, my lyrics, dubbed over the Nat ‘King’ Cole track, 'The Christmas Song'.  An insight into how Berwin and his many pets will spend Christmas Day.  Vocals by Berwin and the Berwinettes.
‘Merry Christmas, Everyone’, my lyrics dubbed over the Shakin’ Stevens track.  It’s all about Berwin’s way of spending New Year’s Eve.  It also intro’s with a piss-take of Walking In The Air’ (sampling the Aled Jones track) with Johnny reading from a book based on The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.   The vocals are by Berwin and the Berwinettes.
‘O Little Town Of Bethlehem’, my lyrics dubbed over a generic Christmas LP track.  All about how Berwin likes a massive scrap at Christmas.   The vocals are by Berwin and the Berwinettes.
‘Rocking Around the Xmas Tree’, my lyrics dubbed over the Brenda Lee track, describing Berwin’s Christmas party.  Vocals by Berwin, Johnny Badcock, Salathiel, and the Berwinettes.  Plus a sample of Legs from the other day.
‘Careful With That Axe, Eugene’ – Pink Floyd

Tonite I met Legs at Wisbech and we went down to Duncan’s where Spock, the Commander and Dan Crank were waiting for us.  The occasion this time was a screening of The Prisoner: ‘Arrival’, which actually felt a bit tedious and offensive in places.
I must say, The Prisoner doesn’t grab me as much as it once did and I’m certainly no longer impressed by Patrick McGoohan.  I don’t like actors or characters or performances that fail to tap into genuine vulnerabilities.  Like Tom Baker as Doctor Who, McGoohan can be something of a strutting cock – something I’ve never admired in real life. 
Anyway, it went down pretty well with everyone else, which it ought to on first viewing.  None of the others (except Spock) had ever seen it before.
The Prisoner was followed by the main attraction: STANLEY KUBRICK’S A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, which is currently banned and so seeing it tonite was an incredible and rare treat.
What did I think of it?
Well let’s just say it now has a place on my favourite films list.  Damned good.  Malcolm McDowall gets a grade A in my book.
The evening was entertaining and Duncan gave me a paperback edition of DR WHO: 25 GLORIOUS YEARS as he works at the place that binds them and was given several for free.  I’ve already got it in hardback (and now covered in autographs) but I appreciated the gift.  Enjoyed myself.
Tomorrow?  DESTINY…
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Next time: ‘The Sisters of Mercy, Wembley Arena, 1990…’

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