The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 12 October 1990

Weird Dreams and Crap Acid

‘I Got You Under My Skin’ – Neneh Cherry

My weird dreams, eh?  Well, when I was about 13 going on 14, I used to have dreams that would tell me where anything that I’d lost/misplaced would be – and they always turned out true. 
Mundane, perhaps, but I don’t know…  That’s not the half of it.  Once, in ’88, I had a dream that I was at work in the lorry yard, but in a different part of the yard I’d never seen before.  Well, shortly afterwards, I ended up in that part of the yard in real life, which put a chill right through me. 
A few days ago, I dreamed I was at work in an old part of the yard, rarely used, near some packing crates; close by I found a pile of pornographic magazines.  Well, the other day, I was sent to an older bit of the yard, near some packing crates delivered that morning – and I found a pile of pornographic mags!  What a freak-out!
What worries me is this: I had a very vivid dream recently that I was outside Johnny’s house and I was telling some kids to clear off because something was worrying me.  I went over to a pile of rubbish, covered in several tree branches, and underneath it was a dead child; a boy that had recently gone missing.
Well, I’ve been to Johnny’s – and outside there’s a bonfire being prepared for November 5th – in the exact spot my rubbish and branches were piled!  And now I hear a young boy from that area has gone missing…  I’d contact the police if it all didn’t seem and sound so WEIRD!
Is there a body under the bonfire mound on Russell Street?
‘So Hard’ – Pet Shop Boys

Tonight, Johnny came over.  We went to The Angel for a quick drink and I finally convinced drug-free Johnny to consider doing some acid.  So I bought two tabs for us – and they were shite.  The guy usually sells good stuff, but he ripped me off – they did fuck all!  Johnny was very disappointed, so we’ll try again another time, I hope.
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Next time: ‘True confessions…’

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