The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 13 October 1990

True Confessions

‘Secret Ceremony’ – Scala

Today, Johnny and I picked Julian up from Dereham and went to Norwich for the day.
In Norwich, we visited Emma Goddard (she lives there now) at her work.  I was really looking forward to seeing her, but she got all defensive and stroppy (and pretentious).  God knows how she’d be at a reunion/recreation of our college era…
Anyway, I bought a new top for two quid and it’s good!
Back at Blackberry Narrow, we ate Chinese and got very drunk. 
Jack, returning from Yorkshire, rang from Peterboro’ where he was stranded.  He hitched some of the way and we picked him up from Guyhirn.  Then we went to The Duck and Bullet, which was hilarious, listening to a crap Country singer who was singing ‘The Lord Made A Homo Out Of Me’. 
Or maybe it was Hobo…
Then a naff member of the public gets up and sings a song.
JOHNNY: You should have booked him.  It’d have been cheaper.
BARMAID: He’s good.
JOHNNY: (Taking a sup of lager, involuntarily spits a mouthful of beer across the pub, incredulous with laughter)
‘Mother Universe’ – The Soup Dragons

Back at Blackberry Narrow, in our beds, we all discussed sex, etc. and which of the girls in the old Drama dept. we’d like to have it with.  We challenged each other to make a shortlist of the ones we’d like to fuck, lick and anally fuck.  Well, I opted for Gemma, Sophie, Emma, Una and Abby.  The others picked exactly the same (but both omitted Emma).  I’d love to have full anal sex with a girl.  It seems to be a sexual kink of Johnny’s too.  Tonight he told me that he’d worked Missy off with a wine bottle and had licked the arse of one of his old girlfriends (Gennie).  Julian tells me he got off with Emma once and, best of all, that he had anal sex with Chloe Attenborough – at her insistence!  WOW!  The conversation revealed much and we shared a few rumours about things we’d heard over the last two years about the TS/BTEC girls. Like: Abby and Missy liking to be tied up; Gemma having had intercourse at least 20 partners and liking kinky underwear; Sophie Whittley adoring anal sex!  I also learned that Emma Goddard hates Gemma – but Gemma doesn’t know because Emma hasn’t told her and tends to get tearful whenever they have to be together.  Why such resentment when they used to be good friends?  Well it turns out the answer is: me.  Emma resents Gemma now because she went out with me.
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Next time: ‘Looking forward…’

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