The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 1 October 1990

Trek Geek

‘I’m Looking Through You’ – The Beatles
STAR TREK: THE CAGE is brilliant! 
I absolutely adore it!
This Star Trek Compendium is brilliant, too – and so is Gene Roddenberry’s novelisation of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.
‘Epic’ – Faith No More

I’m now desperate to see these TREK episodes:
Where No Man Has Gone Before (the 2nd pilot!)
The Naked Time (to see the crew lose their inhibitions)
The Enemy Within (good Kirk VS evil Kirk)
The Corbomite Manoeuver (to see the alien in it!)
Balance of Terror (for Romulans)
Tomorrow Is Yesterday (because the crew go back to the 20th century)
Court Martial (to see Spock doing some scheming)
Space Seed (to see Khan in ‘60s action!)
This Side of Paradise (to see Spock with emotions)
Errand of Mercy (for Klingons and Organians)
City on the Edge of Forever (allegedly the best ever episode)
Amok Time (to see Vulcan!)
Mirror Mirror (for the alternative universe)
Journey to Babel (for the Andorians and Spock’s father)
Friday’s Child (more Klingons!)
The Deadly Years (to see the crew ageing)
The Trouble with Tribbles (Tribbles and Klingons – wow!)
Assignment: Earth (because it looks interesting)
The Enterprise Incident (Romulans, Kirk as a Romulan, Spock getting romantic)
The Paradise Syndrome (Kirk goes native!)
Day of the Dove (more Klingons!)
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (McCoy in love!)
The Tholian Web (the crew loses all morale!)
Elaan of Troyius (Kirk at his best, plus Klingons!)
That Which Survives (a murderous hologram!)
The Savage Curtain (the ultimate battle between good and evil!)
All Our Yesterdays (dimensional problems and a savage Spock!)
Turnabout: Intruder (the final episode!)
Plus, these cartoons:
More Tribbles, More Troubles (and cartoon Klingons!)
Yesteryear (a trip through time to Spock’s youth!)
The Survivor (Romulans!)
Time Trap (Klingons, Vulcans and Romulans!)
Practical Joker (a mad computer, plus Romulans!)
The Counter-Clock Incident (time runs backwards!)
And these movies:
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (loved that movie!)
The Final Frontier (I just haven’t seen it yet!)
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Next time: ‘Time Lord registration…’

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