The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 21 October 1990

The Best of Both Worlds

‘Voodoo Chile’ – Jimi Hendrix

The day began at the Who Convention, drunk and watching STAR TREK’s brilliant ‘THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 1 + 2’.
Afterwards, Flash and I said farewell to Charlie and John (it was, after all, 2am) and they drove back to Wakefield as we returned to our digs.
We awoke today at 8am and as we went for breakfast we immediately bumped into Adam who had booked into the Alveston (our digs) yesterday after realising that another night of Leofric rates would bleed him dry.  Also at breakfast were various other ‘WHOLIGANS’, which was nice to see.
We then taxied with Adam back to the Leofric and watched the odd episode of ‘PLANET OF THE SPIDERS’ before mooching about in the dealers’ room.
Eventually, JON PERTWEE did his spot.  Autographs and lunch followed. 

Then, after some telefantasy video, SYLVESTER MCCOY did his spot.  Both DOCTOR’s were brilliant on their ‘panels’ and at their signings.  Even so, the end of the convention seemed somehow incomplete and empty.  It was like we needed something more after the signing.  Not just a limp exodus.  Like we needed a closing ceremony of some kind.  I suppose people had to be off home.
So, at 5:30pm, Flash and I left the Leofric, had dinner in a café and returned to the Alveston.
Flash left at 7:15pm.
‘A Little Time’ – The Beautiful South

It is over.  PANOPTICON ’90 is over.  I feel so very sad now…  So drained and empty.  It was one of the most beautiful weekends of my life.  I won’t even begin to be able to get it all into words, you know.  In fact, I doubt I’ll be able to even remember all that happened.  It’s all gone by so quickly.  So terrifyingly quickly.  I loved it; I really did love it.    And I suppose I ought to write in more detail about it.  I want to.  I don’t want to forget it.  If they release a video of it, I’ll certainly buy it.  What a beautiful, beautiful weekend.
Nicholas Briggs, Gary Russell and Andrew Beech all did absolutely splendid jobs of hosting the entire weekend.
Saw Vanessa very often throughout today, but we never got into deep ‘n’ groovy conversation with her.  I regret that.
‘Only A Northern Song’ – The Beatles
I’m still at my digs – leaving for home tomorrow morning.  I feel empty and sad now.
Mustn’t forge the brill BARRINGTON BLACK video!
Words fail me, anyway.
What have I come away with?  A Panopticon pack; various handouts/handbills for various WHO merchandise and events; the autographs of Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy, Jon Pertwee, Mark Ayres, Marc Platt, Carl Forgione, James Ellis, Frank Windsor, John Nathan-Turner, Alister Pearson, Mary Tamm, Nicholas Courtney and Wendy Padbury; a BSB/Doctor Who publicity pack; a Colin Howard art photo; various professional photos of Sophie Aldred (in shades, with Cyberman, holding rails, on BBC roof, in Dragonfire’, early publicity with Sylvester); stuff promoting Sophie’s new TV series, SAFFRON (signed photos, badges, stickers, sweatshirt); a purple Doctor Who t-shirt with the McCoy logo; some beautiful and happy memories.
I don’t want to write any more, it’s making me sad.
If I had to give my whole weekend a theme tune, it would be Mark Ayres’ ‘Mood Version’ of the Doctor Who theme.

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Next time: ‘Another Regeneration…’

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