The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 17 October 1990

Suspended In Gaffa

‘Suspended In Gaffa’ – Kate Bush

Johnny’s been over here today.  We watched some of the college MACBETH video and went to the pub, again reminiscing over THAT period of last year.  He spilled his beer all over himself which was amusing.  He’s toying with the idea of writing to Abby McMillan (now down there at Winchester) and I hope he does.  In fact, we may well end up there on a day out.  I’m hoping that Abby knows Raquel Stevens (Flash’s ‘ex’).  That would make Johnny’s ‘aim’ perhaps a little easier to achieve.
I’m feeling as if I may have to drift physically (and emotionally?) away from Lilith, Mary-Jane and Amy.  Things are just not practicable.  It now perhaps means more to simply exchange letters now and then.
Funny, Amy rang tonite, desperate for me to stay at her place in Lynn (either tonite or over the weekend).  I can’t.  And anyway, her attitude’s getting very sour.  So is bloody Missy’s.  I’ve done my bets to get on with Missy, but she fucks me off now.
I finished work early today and went into town and bought a birthday card for Flash, along with this month’s CRISIS and The Stage, SOUNDS (with The Sisters in) and the 7-inch of ‘Voodoo Chile’ by Jimi Hendrix.
Lately, I’ve been getting terrible headaches.  They’re very worrying.
I wish Maggie lived nearer to me.  I regret our never having been together in a ‘love’ relationship.
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Next time: ‘Panopticon Eve…’

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