The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 19 October 1990

Sent to Coventry

About 11:00ish
‘Brown Sugar’ – The Rolling Stones

…I drink bitter and jack daniels, me…
Hello, I’m pissed out of my tits.  Yibble.  Pllllllllllpppttttt!
‘Right Here Right Now’ – Jesus Jones

What is happening to me?
Well!  I caught the NAT. EXPRESS to Coventry this morning and arrived at about 2:30pm.  Had dinner in the Baker’s Oven and then went to Tourist Information to find out about bed ‘n’ breakfast places, because the HOTEL LEOFRIC’s rates (where the DR. WHO PANOPTICON CONVENTION is taking place) are too steep.  Well, I booked into the Alveston on Holyhead (or Holyrood or something gay?) Road and here I am!  Then I bought myself two pornographic magazines.
Now then, after all this I ventured down to the HOTEL LEOFRIC and had a few drinks in its bar.  Sitting alone, I watched a little group of DR. WHO fans giggling away and looking a bit shate.  Then, Frank Windsor (Inspector Mackenzie from GHOST LIGHT) came in and starting chatting to a WHO fan sitting at the bar.  So I listened in.  Then James Ellis (from BATTLEFIELD) joined them, so I decided I wasn’t going to spend my evening alone so got up and joined them in conversation.  It got very heated, actually.  Windsor and Ellis – despite long years together in the Z Cars realm – have very differing opinions on which is the better, live or recorded TV and they got very passionate about it in their exchanges, which came as a surprise.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the long conversation and got on very well with both James, Frank and Adam Davis, the WHO fan.  As James and Frank left for dinner, James bought both myself and Adam a drink and told us to enjoy our evening.
Secret Ceremony’ – Scala

I spent the next part of the evening chatting lengthily about WHO with Adam.  Colin Howard and his girlfriend then joined us.  Colin does Doctor Who artwork for books and so on, but he’s actually an old acquaintance from my Norwich goth days (and a good friend of Belinda).  He took some time to tell me about a few problems he was having with another artist, which all sounds very disappointing and horribly rude.
When Colin left, Adam and I were joined by two fans, both called Adrian.  They were okay, but one of them was a very pissed bastard.  Still, they were good to chat to and we talked about TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN and the future of the series.  None of us think it will be coming back soon.
I had a brilliant evening, then, of booze and conversation.  EXCELLENT.  I even saw Nicholas Courtney in the bar. 
As I left for my digs, a Dalek was being delivered to the hotel out the back of a SALFORD VAN HIRE van.  Quite surreal.
Roll on, tomorrow.
I hope Flash enjoyed meeting the Queen this evening.
Yes.  That was his surprise.
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Next time: ‘Panopticon 1990…’

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