The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 18 October 1990

Panopticon Eve

‘The Word’ – The Beatles
The novelisation of Doctor Who: Survival was rather dull.  Okay, it was nice to have the untelevised scenes, but Rona Munro somehow managed to destroy the atmosphere and mystery of her own TV story.  On TV there was so much ambiguity, so much room for audience-interpretation (particularly in terms of the Doctor and what constituted ‘home’ – the TARDIS?  Or the Earth as a whole?); and Munro managed to spell out everything as fact with no room for creative intellectual manoeuvre on the part of the reader. 
The novelisation of Doctor Who: Ghost Light, however, is great. 
Tomorrow, then.  Coventry
‘Run For Your Life’ – The Beatles
To get into the mood of it all, I just watched part one of GHOST LIGHT (last year’s brilliant DOCTOR WHO story by Marc Platt).  I still love it.  The novelisation has offered a few more insights into it, but I took the opportunity to look at the superb quality of the sets and really watch the show – examine it – rather than just having it on and letting it wash over me; studying rather than taking for granted.  But I won’t watch any more of it just now.  That’ll be my new policy, even if I am WHO mad again next week – to take these things more easily.  I’ve made it all a bit too easy to access in the recent past and I mustn’t let that happen again; I can weary of stuff very quickly.  I’m glad I’ve had a bit of time off it.
This week’s NEXT GENERATION: ‘Where No One Has Gone Before’ was excellent as well.  That show just keeps getting better.

Well, I’m ready for off.  Coventry, here I come, with over a hundred pounds in my pocket.
I have considered this carefully and I’m beginning to believe we may not fight against Saddam Hussein as it would likely be a lost cause.  Current political talk suggests all opposed nations are unwilling to take a war into Iraq.  If and how they drive Hussein out of Kuwait, what then?  International law would seem to prohibit an invasion of Iraq, so Saddam will continue as that nation’s dictator for years and years to come.  And if he should ever become a nuclear-capable dictator…  Though I’m largely opposed to war, I do wish the international community would agree to going into Iraq and removing its tyrants, but I doubt it will happen in the near future.  This cancer needs to be surgically removed.
Moving on, I’d ultimately like to see a United Europe (with the hope of future unification with the USSR and Asia; maybe even China and the States).  I’ll die an idealist, won’t I?  Sometimes I think we need an alien attack to wake us all up.
Anyway, sod the politics…
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Next time: ‘Sent to Coventry…’

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