The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 6 October 1990

City on the Edge of Forever

‘Dance on Glass (Demo)’ – The Sister of Mercy

Today, I read a lot of Flash’s old diaries.
Oh, The Chart Show was good, too.
Johnny and Missy came over.  Anyway, we three went to Peterborough where I bought a book about the four main alien races in STAR TREK, a video of two ‘60s STAR TREK episodes (ERRAND OF MERCY and CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER).
On top of this, I also bought 2000AD issue 700 (which has two brilliant strips: NEMESIS and HEWLIGAN’S HAIRCUT).
I also bought DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE issue 166 – this month’s no less.
‘December Will Be Magic Again’ – Kate Bush

Anyhow, after Peterborough, Johnny and Missy came back here to watch some of Johnny’s new KATE BUSH: SINGLES FILE video.
After they had gone, I watched my new STAR TREK episodes.
When I put it on though, I thought: ‘Oh no!  I don’t think I’m going to like this…’  The style of the show came as a surprise.  But I found myself smiling all the way through.  It wasn’t even that spectacular, but it provided me with an ecstatic joy.
CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER was fucking brilliant – just what I hoped it would be.
At first, I thought: ‘Hmm, a bit far-fetched…’  But as it progressed, I really enjoyed it.  It had humour and pathos – and that ending!  If you put yourself in Kirk’s position it is so bloody powerful.  Some nice effects too.  I won’t be watching it for a while though – it was almost too good and I don’t want to dilute it through habit.  And Joan Collins is skill!
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Next time: ‘Another regeneration…’

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