The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 31 October 1990

A Hallowe'en Letter

‘We Want the Same Thing’ – Belinda Carlisle

I have received a letter from Maggie, in which, after thanking me for my last letter, she tells me the following: she’d like to know when my birthday is; she’s sad that I haven’t found any theatre work yet, but she adds that she knows I will one day be a famous actor/writer/director and when I am she’s going to come and paint my scenery for me.  She says she can’t imagine me as a postman.  Her own fear of doing such a job would be the bike.  Then, speaking of mail, she tells me that when my letter arrived, she was jumping about all over the place showing everyone the photo I sent her and telling them wonderful things about me.  ‘I’ve been so happy all morning and it’s all because of you’.
At the moment, she’s working in an Art Centre, with framing, shop and exhibition and gallery spaces.  She runs the exhibition and gallery spaces.  She supposes it’s quite good, with lots of responsibilities, but she’s not sure that it’s really what she wants to do.  She says it’s part of a scheme and has no real prospects, and the lack of money gets her down.  Added to this, she doesn’t really get on with her boss or the manager (‘a right stuck up little cow’ who went to a convent school).  It’s also boring, she says, because paintings aren’t really something people go out and buy every day.  She’d like to finish her training in Norwich at a design studio.  She says she wrote to Anglia TV to enquire about their graphics department, but to do that she’d need a degree.  She’s now kicking herself, wishing she’d finished her course at NORCAT. 
She then says: ‘I’m glad to hear that you haven’t run off with anyone’ and tells me she just got out of a heavy relationship herself.  Things were fine, but he got over-jealous and possessive which made her feel trapped.  Lots of rows would follow him telling her not speak to people and then he’s apologise and she’d forgive him.  Eventually she caused a great scene and left him, but she has the support of lots of good friends.
She says she’s still quite ‘gothy’ but much more comfortable as herself and no longer competitive on that scene and enjoys being accepted for who she is now.
She says she misses me so very much and begs me PLEASE (about three times) to keep in touch because she loves hearing from me and has loved seeing my face.  My letters brighten her days: ‘nothing can knock me when I’ve had a letter from Ritcherd’.  ‘I think, I hope, that through our letters we can build our friendship’.  ‘It’s great to have a friend like you; someone who listens, cares, and above all else, advises without preaching or judging.  I miss you.’  She thanks me for being her friend and for understanding her.
She asks if I ever see the ‘gruesome four’: Kat, Willock, Leighton and Venus.  She asks if they’re still pretentious and says she’s glad I’m no longer going out with Kat.  She says she might pop into WH SMITH in Norwich one day just to see Leighton at work there.
She signs off with lots of love and four kisses.
(Me right now...)
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