The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 28 September 1990

Trek Replaces Who

‘Don’t Bother Me’ – The Beatles

Captain’s Personal Log:
I love STAR TREK.  I’m virtually obsessed with it now.
FARPOINT was brilliant.  Picard is great.  Deanna Troi is gorgeous and she has a brilliant costume.  I never knew what I was ignoring in all those recent issues of TV ZONE.  And good news on that score – TV ZONE is bringing out a STAR TREK special!
Oh, and John Helm – a mate of Flash’s I once met – has had a letter published in TV ZONE.
At the moment, I’m more into STAR TREK than I am DOCTOR WHO.  I don’t, of course, expect this to last because I think my favourite programme will always be WHO, but STAR TREK comes as a bit of a saviour right now.  I was falling out of love with WHO.  I noticed this after I finished College and music, drugs and The Beatles became much more important.  This might have been a retrograde step, but I doubt it.  Over the last three years of my WHO-mania, the thing keeping my interest alive has been the new McCOY episodes, annually.  This year, there are none.  It should be on TV, now, but it’s not.  The lack of new material has left me feeling a bit tired of the show; overkill of the same stuff and even old episodes hard to get hold of.  I think I might put DOCTOR WHO to rest for a bit.  For the time being.  With a brief flurry for PANOPTICON (if we get there).  STAR TREK can take WHO’s place for now – and perhaps beyond.  I love it.  The sense of having something new to discover is great.
‘What Time Is Love?’ – The KLF

Gemma Winchester rang tonite and it was a lovely phone call.  She wanted to go out somewhere with me – tonite!  Sadly, that’s not possible.  Next weekend, we hope.
And hooray!  For Jack, who’s now got himself a job in computers.
Will I ever get what I want?
The Wrath of Jez
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Next time: ‘London with Johnny…’

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