The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 30 September 1990

The Incarnate Past

'What Do You See?’ – Wire

Funny, y’know.  Lately, I see a lot of people from my past, or hear about them.  All so suddenly.  Why, eh?  Probably means I’m going to die soon or something.  Birdy, for example.  Then Aunty Vi told me that her hairdresser is one Kate Lambert, a girl with whom I went to Carlton Park Juniors.  When I was in Yorkshire, I’d heard Eddie was back in Ponty.  I called for him, but he wasn’t in sadly.  I saw James Abbott on a bus last week.  He told me all about his going off to university this autumn.  Then he told me all about third year mate Brundle’s latest exploits, and Dave Cooper’s.  Melba Dench’s getting married, James tells me.  I saw Sarah Leigh in town the other week, too; haven’t seen her since we left school.  I saw Moddex in the supermarket yesterday; she didn’t recognise me, but she once came over to Blackberry Narrow with Wendy MacKintosh+ Legs in about 1988.  I also saw Mandy Dell (an old girlfriend from ’84) and said ‘hello’.  Then I saw Mandy 'Chompers' James whom I got off with in ’85 + ’86, and she was with Nicky Brown of all people.  Seeing Nicky, who’s gorgeous, I felt so overwhelmed for some reason, that I just couldn’t talk to them.  I did say a quick ‘hello’, but strode on in the opposite direction.  I felt a kind of shame that I couldn’t really tell them my life was going brilliantly.  Because it's just not.  Stan has told me that Angie Jones now has MS and is wheelchair bound.  Christ.
‘Then’ – The Charlatans

Today, on the way to pick up Missy, Johnny and I visited Julian Ward, who seemed pleased to see us.  It’s the first I’ve seen of him in about five months and I was very pleased to see him again.
Being driven through Dereham’s outlying countryside was so beautiful; reliving those early morning returns to college after all those parties we’d set up.  It felt great.
Tonite, Johnny, Amy + Missy all came over to watch STAR TREK: THE VOYAGE HOME, and during this, Flash rang.  I had to rush him a bit and I regret that, but – ACE!  He’s got a baby sister now!  Gerry’s had her baby.  He’s also bought some new comics – good on him!  And he’s well into DOCTOR WHO, which is skill.  It’s the PANOPTICON in a few weeks.  I hope I’m not too late to register. 
Donna Davidson rang.  She’s great.  I love her loads!
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