The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 23 September 1990

Stan Trek

It’s Maggie’s birthday today.  I haven’t posted her card yet.
'The Sensual World’ – Kate Bush

Well, today, after sex with Amy (in which the condom split – DAMN!) and breakfast, we all (Amy, Johnny, Missy and I) went into King’s Lynn (where we briefly saw Darren Marsh) and then on to Barnes Bysea to see what we could see in the pouring rain.  Such as: the theatre, the sea, a tea room with scones in, amusement arcades…  Mostly, Johnny and I indulged in lots of memory swapping. 
On all our car journeys, we had Kate Bush playing – particularly stuff from The Sensual World LP – which was all very evocative of this time last year.  And as I haven’t really listened to much Kate since about January, it felt very nostalgic.  I know I look back on ’89 with considerable scorn (academic achievements excluded), I recall that those days from September to December were steeped in magic.  All we really had to do was enjoy ourselves, flitting from party to party.  Until we eventually all forgot we were friends and drifted apart.  Back then, it was me and Johnny; Julian, Una, Jamie, and, of course, Gemma.  Then Stan.  There were more of us, but these spring instantly to mind.  And will any of us ever forget crashing at Julian’s house after Gemma’s party at the Hungry Horse in Necton?  I miss those days now.  Days when every one of us seemed to love Kate Bush.
After Barnes Bysea, we returned to Johnny’s and watched the last episode of BLACKADDER GOES FORTH and THE COMIC STRIP’s OXFORD. 
Then Stan and Michelle called to pick me up (we’d made arrangements over the phone, you see?).  Michelle’s best mate – Sam (from Peterboro’) was driving, and took us back to Stan’s parents’ place, Badger House; my return after 2 years, and it was lovely to see Annette and Siegfried, I’ll add. 
‘Come Together’ – Primal Scream

So Stan and I sat talking rather philosophically for ages.  We then started reminiscing: his lost weekend with Gemma, the last term of 1989, and so on.  Soon we’d covered: music, Sugarblood, our changing lifestyles, his new and tidier (more individual) image, his job-hunting.  Sam and Michelle had a lot of catching up to do also, so we were all happy.
We all ate Sunday roast with Sieg and Annette, and afterwards, Stan and I sat alone in the parlour with Kate Bush on the tape-deck, settling our dinners with nostalgic conversation.  We confirmed to each other that we’re still great friends and I invited him to come over and stay soon.  We briefly discussed Michelle, for whom he cares a great deal, but he felt sad that for most of the weekend she’d ignored him in favour of Sam.  I think it upset him, but I told him that this is always the way with old friends and that he needn’t take it to heart.
Next, we all had a smashing game of TRIVIAL PURSUIT, and then it was goodbye time.  Sam drove me back to St Mary, en route to Peterborough.  Thing is, on the way back she proved herself to be a massive DOCTOR WHO fanatic and so we swapped addresses.  Hopefully she’ll come over and watch some videos soon.
Arriving home, I was distressed to accidentally tape over my STAR TREK IV recording before I’d even had the chance to watch it!
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