The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 22 September 1990

Sex and Philosophy (But Mostly Star Trek)

‘Loaded’ – Primal Scream

Today, I bought the latest NEMESIS THE WARLOCK comic (colour reprints for the US market) and treated myself to the CIC Video of STAR TREK III – THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, which I’d never before seen, all in excited anticipation of this evening’s TV premiere of STAR TREK IV – THE VOYAGE HOME. 
I also bought a reduced price novel of STAR TREK V – THE FINAL FRONTIER. 
Incidentally, I’m currently reading STAR TREK - THE MOTION PICTURE and it’s brilliant.
So I got home and I watched III and at 8pm I started videotaping IV – and bloody Anglia cut off the first two minutes of credits, etc.!
'Another Girl’ – The Beatles
At 8.10pm, I went out with Johnny, Missy and Amy to the Fair, then to The Angel.  After a drink, we bought some booze, a Chinese, and hired a video - PET SEMATARY - and came back to Johnny’s.  The film was still brilliant and had us all in tears (more than it ought to have, really).
After the film, we all retired to bed.  I slept in the spare room with Amy and, needless to say, we indulged in a great deal of sex – enjoyable, too.  And we coupled it with some really nice philosophical conversation.
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Next time: ‘Stan Trek…’

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