The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 15 September 1990


‘Working Class Hero’ – John Lennon

The first breaths of autumn have begun to reach out, tantalising and tingling the summer evenings, now often misty and cool.  And do you know what I think?  I think the way I listen to ‘I AM THE WALRUS’ now has changed my perceptions a little.  Leave it there.
I expect when I return home my SMITH’s subscription to The Stage + TV has been cancelled because I haven’t been there to pay for it this past two weeks.
The slow approach of winter scares me.  Its onset is a signal to me that the world is still out there, waiting, but I’m still here, in my head, trying to break free.  Living like this is terrible; knowing you have great work and great art and great success and great recognition ahead of you, but that the equipment, experience and knowledge required to initiate all those things are still a long way off.  That all the good stuff has yet to happen.  That it’s going to be a very slow process.  Being a future legend can be a difficult business when you’re still stuck in the past, guv.  Hello, future Ritcherd – how is it going?
‘Think For Yourself’ – The Beatles
I guess I just have to travel along this narrow road, through this lean period – like all those creative people that came before me – especially from this class level.  But I really don’t want to live through this coming winter if I am going to have to work out in the cold and the rain and the shite at the lorry yard.  I at least want to get myself fixed up in a warmer, more cheerful indoor job.  But I expect I was too late to be a Library Assistant and even the (later in December) appointment of Open Glove member seems beyond my grasp; they haven’t been in touch. 
Before I know it, I’ll probably be drafted into active service for the Ongoing Gulf Crisis  And as much as I’d fight to defend my country, I don’t want to fight there.  I just can’t see the point.  I have nothing against the peoples of either Iraq or Iran, per se, but I do wish we could just obliterate the violent, war-mongering idiots on this planet in one swift go.  I’m really not interested in the destruction of civilisation or the fall of Mankind for the sake of religion or power – no thanks.  I’m interested in co-existence for the sake of survival, the preservation of freedom and world peace.  Earth unity.  I’m sick of barbarian fanatics.  If we don’t rid ourselves of such death-obsessed bullies soon, then you and I, whoever you are – my friend, my brother, my father, my lover, whoever – will one day find ourselves squabbling to the death over scraps of food and crude instruments of bludgeon just to go on living.  We could seriously do with some universal peace around here.
‘In My Life’ – The Beatles

I saw my Dad today and we talked, mostly about THE BEATLES.  Afterwards, I took a walk around Pontefract cemetery.  Funny, almost everyone I’ve spoken to up here is rather over-chuffed about the new MORRISON’S supermarket opening.  Why?  It’s as if they’re all weirdly proud of the fact that a charming old bit of town has been destroyed so that they can now have two very large supermarkets facing each other.  And the charming bit of town that’s been lost is a lovely walk that used to run by the graveyard with trees and a large wall that cut off the road and was dark and splendid and beautiful by night.  I remember Flash and Dodo and me going down there.  It’s just shit now.
Later, I called for Eddie Moses.  He wasn’t in.  I wish he had been.
‘Eleanor Rigby’ – The Beatles

I bumped into Janet today.  I said I might go see her and David.
On TV today was JAMES BOND: THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I’ve bought the 7-inch of ‘Raise’ by Bocca Juniors.
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Next time: ‘What Do You See?’

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