The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 29 September 1990

London with Johnny

‘The Kick Inside’ – Kate Bush

Johnny and I went to London and I bought some goodies: two gorgeous photos of Sophie Aldred, THE STAR TREK COMPENDIUM by Allan Asherman
…and STAR TREK: THE CAGE (pilot) on CIC VIDEO.
We went to find Larry Goodgirl at the Cockpit, but it was closed and he wasn’t there.  We tried his flat; no answer.
Johnny was after a t-shirt with the KTB / Kate Bush band symbol on it, but we couldn’t find any.  Then, bizarrely, a woman walked by with one on and Johnny asked her where she’d got it from.  She took umbrage and stormed off, sharply telling him that her husband works for Kate Bush!
Well, what a day!  Johnny’s great.  We’re getting dead close again and I really want us to.  He hates his job, still fancies Abby, wants to be unfaithful to Missy, and – like me – is lately consumed by nostalgia.  We both have a lot of sentimental love for this time last year and we’re hoping to organise some kind of gathering – a beautiful reunion, we hope – for the following people:
Me, Johnny, Donna Davidson, Stan Flowers, Gemma Winchester, Abby, Emma Goddard, Julian Ward, Nigel Cameron, Jamie Davenport, Una Baker, Peter Conti, Harriet Burleigh, Chloe Attenborough, Charlotte Kneale… and I think that’s about it!
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