The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 6 September 1990


‘Get Back’ – The Beatles

I walked from Kellington to Whitley Bridge early in the morning and caught a train to Leeds where I looked around shops and things until Flash arrived.

We then caught the National Express coach to Windermere (changing at Preston).  We’d chosen Windermere again because it was easy, and we knew it would be cheap (despite the fact that if Raquel found out, she’d get jealous and go crazy like a loony at Flash).

The bus journey was great, and as far as ‘Ritch ‘n’ Flash’ are concerned (both as friends and as ‘The Situation’), things are very solid and strong.

Despite bus jyp at Preston, we finally arrived at Windermere in the early evening.  Of course, it was raining, and we had decided to walk all the way down to Bowness – until we saw a bus and caught that instead!  We knew that as soon as we got to Bowness, we’d go to see our old friend from last year, Bill, at his wonderful B&B: FISH RESTAURANT.  And we did; paid for a room and settled in.  Bill, naturally, didn’t remember us, but even so, we quickly built up a great rapport with him.

‘Two of Us’ – The Beatles

It is great to be back in the old surroundings, though it isn’t perhaps as exciting as a new locale might have been, but still: it is refreshing and beautiful.

It’s already feeling very therapeutic for me; my Portsmouth aggression and bitterness shrugging itself off me and revealing something rather more calm and contented.  I think the real me is starting to peep through.

We wanted to go for a bar meal at the crap pub we had a bar meal in last year, but the sign on the door said ‘COUPLES ONLY’ (‘ho-ho-ho!’, we thought; jolly reflections of last year).  So we went to a fish ‘n’ chip shop called BUMMER JONES (or something) and had sausage and chips.

Afterwards, we found a pub called THE JOHN PEEL, that last year had refused to serve Flash and Raquel but this year embraced Ritch and Flash.  This is going to become our ‘local’, I think.  We ended up ‘fancying’ two of the bar staff, which was a source of great interest to us both and looks set to be for the next few evenings.  We drank about five pints each, too.  Theakston’s Fucking Crap (or something), which is gorgeous, though I think it’s given me a rather squidgy bottom…

After a long chat with a bar female, short trot around the bay, and a piss on the promenade, we have come ‘home’ to bed.

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Next time: ‘Loughrigg…’

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