The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 19 August 1990

What Time Is Love?


‘(Just Like) Starting Over’ – John Lennon

ANOTHER person I miss is Mary-Jane Ferguson.  I haven’t spoken to her since my birthday, and that’s over two months ago.  Life can be like that, can’t it?  Make no mistake, I truly loved Fergie, but then we had all our problems.  But even so, at our last parting I knew I still loved her.

Is it feasible to love so many people at once?  All in differing ways? 

It must be.

Getting in touch with Fergie would be strange, I think; a parody of our former adventures.  I still love her a great deal, but I accept (I suppose) that I’ll never be able to show it again.  Perhaps I’ll ring her just to let her know I’m still alive.



‘Overture to the Sun’ - Terry Tucker’s Orange Clockwork

Spock came over this afternoon, unexpectedly.  I was very pleased to see him.  I see a lot of him these days, and I don’t mind at all.

On top of this, I discovered in a pile of old singles betty gave me a brilliant 7-inch called ‘Overture to the sun – Theme from A Clockwork Orange’ by Terry Tucker’s Orange Clockwork.  I’m really pleased with it.



‘What Time Is Love?’ – The KLF

Five years ago (about now, I should think), as invited, Make-Up and I arrived at the now non-existent Wisbech Cinema (BOOTS stands in its place) and met up with three girls.  He didn’t know any of them and I only knew one of them.  Noreen was the one I knew and she sat us all strategically.  She put Make-Up with a girl neither of us had ever met – Sue – and she sat me with Miranda Wasp.  Obviously, Miranda must have made some petition of preference to Noreen following our very brief meeting two days before in order to facilitate this seating arrangement.  Anyway.  The film was rubbish, though I probably enjoyed it at the time.  All I really know is that I truly enjoyed touching Miranda and putting my arm around her and kissing her; long, full kisses.  The question seems so strange in retrospect.  I can’t now imagine myself asking it.  But I know I did.  ‘Miranda, will you go out with me?’  ‘Yes,’ she whispered.  And our saga had begun.

She rang me earlier this evening.  It was raining, very heavily (now that the sun has gone and the winds are here).  She has arrived at North Brink and we are meeting at about 1.30pm tomorrow.

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Next time: ‘Come together…’

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