The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 22 August 1990

V for Vendetta


‘Naked In the Rain’ – Blue Pearl

By Friday, I should have saved over 250 quid.  Doesn’t seem much, but I must have spent over 200 quid in the last few weeks.

You know what?  I went into town today and I bought V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

Again, the jet fighters have been flying low over our East Anglian fields today.  When I was in Wisbech, I saw a very scary sight above me: twelve USAF planes in formation and, following, another HUGE one (a bomber or transporter, presumably).

Again, I wonder, am I actually scared by all of this?  Perhaps, more correctly, I am morbidly fascinated.

But I want to be ready.

So I’m buying a huge knife and packing a survival kit.  I hope I’ll look back at all this in years to come and laugh, but part of me does wonder if I’ll even be able to.

I wish the ABC WARRIORS actually existed…

Donna Davidson says she won’t even watch the news now.

‘Woman’ – John Lennon

I wrote a letter to Bonnie Langford today, and hey!  Isn’t it funny how life works?  Following my recent deliberations over Fergie, I finally wrote her a page and a half of letter, detailing – quite truthfully – why I hadn’t been in touch (depression, nothing to say, Mickey, laziness, etc, etc), but asked if we could resume communication.  I mean, we never fell out or anything.  We just drifted, didn’t we?  And things were really good between us when last we spoke.

Well, I sent her the letter at lunchtime, just before I came home.  And when I got home?  A letter from Fergie had arrived for me!  This is what the letter said:




She signs off with love and three kisses.

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Next time: ‘Heart Like a Wheel…’

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