The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 2 August 1990

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll


Getting on with it.

Almost up to 100 degrees out there now.


Peter Conti rang today and he was great.  He was very supportive of me and urged me on past the depression and onward into success.  He says that in a recent discussion with Harriet Burleigh, they both agreed that if anyone in the Drama Department deserves recognition and success – perhaps even ‘fame’ – then it’s me.  Peter even said to me: ‘You were the best in the whole department; the biggest talent.’  And for all that I show the world a cocky exterior sometimes, I was so touched and very humbled by those kin words.  So grateful, too.  I shall treasure his faith in me and do all I can to not let my peers down.  One day, eh?

My No.1: ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ by The Beatles

Miranda rang.  Here it is.  The conversation.  It rang for a while before I got out of the bath to speak.

R: Sorry about that.  The delay.  I was in the bath.
M: Oh.
R: Hello.  How are you?
M: I’m in the launderette.
R: Oh.  The launderette, eh?
M: Yes.
R: Is it fun?
M: No.
R: Well…
M: What are you doing tomorrow?
R: Why?  What time do you arrive?
M: About twelve.
R: Oh!  I’ll be working at that time, probably!
M: Oh, you’re working now, then?
R: Yes.  Erm.  What have you got planned?
M: Nothing, I don’t suppose.
R: When do you go back?
M: Saturday.
R: What time?
M: Early, I expect.
R: Oh, I see.  Well.  I’m not doing anything tomorrow night.  Are you?
M: I don’t suppose so.
R: What would you suggest then?
M: I suppose I could ring you tomorrow.
R: Okay.  About 5pm.  I’ll be in then.  Is that okay?
M: Yes.
R: So how is life in the launderette?
M: Noisy.  There are lots of people.
R: Yes.  I can hear them.
M: Oh.  I’ve just run out of money.
R: Oh.  Okay, I’ll hear from you tomorrow night then.
M: Yes.
R: Bye.
M; Goodbye.

It felt really forced.  A horrible phone call.  It felt like it destroyed a magic.

My life: soundtrack available at all good record shops.  But not yet.

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Next time: ‘Captain’s Log…’

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