The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 23 August 1990

Heart Like a Wheel

My No.1: ‘Overture to the Sun’ by Terry Tucker’s Orange Clockwork

‘Overture to the Sun’ is excellent.  It spells out the dawn of Armageddon to me.  If things got really bad… and we really, y’know, did it, then what would rise from the ashes of our world?  The dinosaurs were obliterated and so humans (eventually) emerged; little rodents looking about the place and saying, ‘All this discarded real estate!  Can we have a go?’  Well, who’s next in the playground of power?

In recent years, the idea of potential nuclear conflict has become a fact of our existence.  It’s certainly hung over me all my life.  I remember when I first really realised the truth of it when my Dad was talking about it when I was 12.  But now, even after seeing THREADS, THE DAY AFTER and WHEN THE WIND BLOWS I find myself with a kind of blind-spot.  As much as I fear the idea, the tragedy of such a conflict and its devastation, I cannot quite envisage a post-holocaust world.



‘Head All Fire’ – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry are good again.  I thought that by putting on their now ancient Paint Your Wagon LP, I’d be taken in by nostalgia.  But I’m not.  It feels new and fresh again.



‘Heart Like A Wheel’ – The Human League

This new HUMAN LEAGUE single is great.  They are on TOP OF THE POPS and it feels like a time travel experience.  Almost as if one is watching the ‘old’ HUMAN LEAGUE.  The lyrics also seem oddly relevant to the Gulf crisis, too.


‘Looking for Atlantis’ – Prefab Sprout

Fergie rang me today.  She and Mickey have been very close since I last saw her and she was a bit upset (well, quite a lot, actually) as he’s left to live in New York for a year and she knows she’s going to miss him.  She told me all about Cheggers getting Sandy pregnant and the subsequent abortion.  How things change.  Fergie said she’s like to see me, and yes I’d like to see her but I told her straight up that even though in my heart I still love her dearly, I’d be scared of falling IN love with her again.  She had to go then as her mum and dad came in and she wasn’t supposed to be using the phone.  I hope she writes to me soon as she promised she would.  By the way, she also mentioned that she’d seen some of Lilith’s friends and they told her I was constantly writing massive love letters to Lilith and that we’ve been really close and involved.  What?  A massive distortion of the truth there…

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Next time: ‘Jo Jordan of All People…’

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