The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 21 August 1990

Finland Red, Egypt White


‘Finland Red, Egypt White’ – The Sisterhood

The impending WAR worries me.  I’m pretty sure that if Mother Shipton and Nostradamus are anything to go by then the world’s about due to end.  Now, when I say it worries me, I don’t mean I’m scared.  No, I’m not.  I just think it’s all very sad that, perhaps within a year, this world might be a terrifyingly different place.  I can see no other resolution to this Gulf Crisis.  All I can envisage is green fields, beauteous lands transformed into irradiated, chemical wastelands, saturated in filth and poison.  But I really hope not, if for anything then for my baby brother’s future and the futures of other children like him.  It is for Chip that I would be willing, should the worst come to the worst, to fight these barbarians face to face.

I guess now’s the time to try and do all the things I want to do.  I could be overseas this time next year. 

My immediate plans are to work at the lorry yard this week and half of next.  Then, I’m going to Portsmouth, Yorkshire, and… wherever.  I want to forget, nay, ignore this oncoming ArmageddonJihad is not for me, thanks.  And nor is Hades.

Lilith sent me a letter, missing me and loving me.  And then she rang, still missing and loving me.  I had intended that she should stay here this coming Friday and do some ACID with me at Legs’ ‘Fucking Hell, We Can’t Afford To Go To Reading!’ party.  Oh well.  She won’t be back from Glastonbury until next week, so I suppose at least I’ll be saving up some money.

Jonny Badcock rang and he’s been investigating how the old comedy circuit works.  Right now, though, I just don’t have the heart to tell him that I’m not that interested in trying my hand as a comedian.  He also told me the A-level results of the TS 2 group.  Apparently Julian Ward only got one A-level (TS, with an ‘E’) and he studied so hard (which makes me suspicious of how NORCAT’s A-levels get marked or taught, frankly – don’t forget hardly anyone passed anything in my TS years).  Emma did badly too, as did AbbyHarriet (sadly) failed, and I’m not sure at all about Peter Conti.  I believe only Gemma and Una got the grades they needed to guarantee their higher ed. places.

Isn’t the world a strange and ironic place?

Donna Davidson rang.  If I am called to war, she says she will marry me.  We had a good laugh about it considering how bleak the world situation actually feels right now and it was gorgeous to hear her.  I won’t drone about it, but her call has absolutely made my day.



‘Raise’ – Bocca Juniors

FUCK AND PISS!  I’ve just had a mouse in my bedroom!  How?!  I chased it all over for ages and now I’ve shut it in one of the other rooms.  If Jack comes to stay in that room (as he often does) when he gets back from Pontefract next week then he’ll be well-pleased.  I’M SURE.

Fuck, I’ve got gut-ache.

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Next time: ‘V For Vendetta…’

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