The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 29 August 1990

Elusive Stan

‘Hanky Panky’ – Madonna

A ‘WOMEN’ LIST (no particular order)




‘Opening Titles from The Bounty’ – Vangelis

I sprained my ankle at work today, and tonight after cleaning myself up and all that post-work brouhaha, I’m just so ‘out of it’.  My mind can’t grasp any single concept, be it packing my bags or listening to anything, or washing up.  I was well-hungry and cooking some burgers ‘n’ beans felt like a bastard chore.  I got so fucked off; getting violent with the household objects again.  I even tried to punch the fuck out of the kitchen floor.  A bit stupid, that.


‘Norwegian Wood’ – The Beatles

I’d better mention this now.  I’m sure it’ll be relevant soon.  Today, I had a phone call from the elusive Stan!  He was back down from Leeds, staying at his mum’s and he wanted to see me this weekend.  Obviously, he can’t because I’m going to Southsea, am I not?  Anyway, he’s going back to Leeds next Tuesday and we’ve arranged to meet at BAD on Wednesday at about 1.30pm.  I told him Flash and I are going on holiday and I think he wants to come with us.  As far as I’m concerned, he can if he wants.  I enjoyed his company when Flash was down and it appeals to my sado-masochistic state of mind to have to drag Stan along through the countryside.  A final lads’ adventure that we are unlikely to be able to repeat in years to come.

I’m going to bed soon and I’ll listen to The Beatles as I fall asleep.

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