The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 20 August 1990

Come Together

‘Come Together (12-inch)’ – Primal Scream

I’ve been out with Miranda today and we got very drunk, first in THE DUKE’S HEAD and then THE FERRY HOUSE.  She’s great and I can’t even express how good it felt for me to be with her.  We then went to the GRAVEYARD we used to visit.  And we kissed a lot.  Other places we visited included the park where we first made love.  We did kiss a great deal, though, and I’m going to stay with her in Portsmouth the weekend after next. 

She’s changed a lot.  Lost a great deal of weight and looks less dark, less mysterious.  Of course, this is not the Miranda I grew to love in recent years, but it is still Miranda and I still love her.  It’s more as if she has become Miranda 1985 again, with colour and youthfulness restored.  Gone now that dark, moody face she had developed at the sharp end of experience.  She’s now a strangely different woman.

To be honest, I found her far more physically attractive in ‘88/’89 with the long black hair, larger thighs, hips, bottom and breasts.  She’s very slim now – and her hair is cut extremely short. 

Turns out that last summer when we got together and made love, she WAS pregnant; nothing to do with me, thankfully, and everything to do with Mark Dalton.  She had an abortion in the months following.  So things have totally fallen apart with Mark (she saw him last night, actually) and she says that when she met up with me last year it was because she needed me and really wanted me.  And just as I was feeling very vague about it all.  Well, we’ll see how Portsmouth goes.

I sent a letter to Donna Davidson today.  Should there be a war in which all young men are called up to fight, I have asked her to marry me.  Okay, my tongue was in my cheek, but if it really came to it…  I do love my friend Donna and I always will.

Those fucking Iraqi bastards piss me off; trying to make the Americans look like the aggressors and saying they’re the ones that started all this trouble.  The issue, I’m afraid, is this: THE IRAQI’S SHOULD NOT BE IN KUWAIT!

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Next time: ‘Finland Red, Egypt White…’

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